Anexio-Rate Your Experience Survey
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Anexio has created a continuous feedback program to monitor our service levels across the company. You may see this survey multiple times, depending on your service requirements. 

We encourage you to rate your experience everytime.  Each interaction is important.

Please share and be honest.  There are only 5 questions, so it goes fast!

Required 1.

Which Anexio team member helped you today?

Trey Kenner
Lonnell Brown
Gregory Crews
Justin Durand
Craig Zeigler
David Kincaid
Edwin Soto
Megan Particini
I dont remember
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Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the following attributes of our service. 


 Very Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat Satisfied Very Satisfied 
Delivery of service
Methods of communication (email, support ticket, phone etc)
Quality of support
Knowledge of our staff
Final Resolution or solution to the issue
Overall Satisfaction
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Required 3.

Please complete the following. The OVERALL service was...



Out of this world GREAT!
Exceed my expectations
Matched expectations
Just Average
Below expectations
Required 4.

Please rate how strongly you agree/disagree with the following statements.




 Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neutral Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree 
Anexio's service plays a key role in keeping your IT working for you
Anexio understands your personal IT needs
Anexio understands your companies IT needs
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Required 5.

Do you have any suggestions for improvement or any additional comments?



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