Ruidoso Military Discounts 2011-12 Survey

Ruidoso Military Discount Registration/Authorization thru 2012

The Village of Ruidoso maintains  This is the discount registration/authorization information that we need on file in order to put your discount offer on the site.  There is no charge to Village of Ruidoso businesses to be involved.



What type of Lincoln County business do you operate/manage?

Entertainment business
Art Gallery/Studio
Ski & Snowboard Rental
Race Track
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Business information including information on the name of the individual authorizing the military discount.  Some of this information may be included on

By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected.

First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
Company Name:
Work Phone:
Email Address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Postal Code:


For businesses other than lodging, please list hours of operation.


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What is your website address where we may link visitors through for more details on you business?


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To receive a military discount for an individual and his immediate family, that person must present what kind of indentificaiton when taking advantage of the discount? (This question determines whether you are offering a discount only to active duty military, or both active duty and retired military.)  It is assumed that spouses of deployed personnel will receive active duty discounts. Select all that apply.

ACTIVE military ID required.
ACTIVE or RETIRED military ID required.
No ID required (we trust that they qualify).
Include all VETERANS, no ID required (trust that they qualify).
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Please detail the specifics of your military discount offer and how one would go about taking advantage of the offer. Please note if it is valid only on specific nights of the week, or excludes weekends or certain holiday periods, etc., etc.


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Please select all that apply for your military discount offer:

Based on availability.
Please call to confirm discount availability.
Advance reservation required.
Discount does not apply to alcoholic beverages.

Is there an offer ID or CODE that needs to be used or referred to when calling in, or ordering online? What is it?


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9. is being designed to offer discounts of 15% (or more).  What percentage discount does your offer represent?



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The non-commercial site is being designed to offer military discounts year round.  Is your discount offer good throughout 2010, or should we designate specific date ranges?

Good through 2012 (when we will reconfirm you offer)
Only good on days indicated
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May we use graphics/photos (maximum 400px x 200px) of your business on that we find on the following sites? (Please check all that apply.)

Your site (if noted)
Any site with an image of my business
Contact my ad/marketing agency noted below
Video on
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