The Northside Gourmet Survey  June 2011
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Points North has always valued the opinions of our magazine readers and Web site visitors, and we attempt to reward as many as possible with giveaways and prizes. Embarking on our 12th year in publication, our editorial staff is working on an exciting new project and really need your assistance. Please complete the following 15 required questions, and the five others that will help shape our plans for our new initiative. You might be invited to be a guest chef, conduct your own food review for Points North, win valuable prizes for your kitchen or win restaurant gift certificates. Thank you in advance for your participation!



Required 1.

How long have you been a Points North reader or a regular visitor to our Web site (


One year or less
One to three years
Four to six years
Seven to nine years
Ten years or more
Required 2.

Have you ever prepared a recipe published in Points North or on our Web site (


Required 3.

Have you ever visited a restaurant after reading a review published in Points North or on our Web site ( 


Required 4.

Rate your ability as a chef, or cook if you prefer?


I should open my own restaurant
My friends and family compliment me on my abilities
I have room for improvement
I have mastered scrambled eggs, boiling water and heating canned sauces
There's a reason my freezer is stocked with microwavable meals
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Required 5.

For how many people do you typically prepare meals?


Just for me
Just for the two of us
My family and/or friends (four or less)
My family and/or friends (five to nine)
I enjoy hosting dinner parties (groups of 10 or more)
Required 6.

When looking for a new recipe or one that you have tried before, which of the following best describes your tendency?

(please select as many as apply)


I ask my mother, relative or a good friend
I look for one in a cookbook
I look for one in a magazine
I look for one online
I use the ingredients I have, and create one myself
Required 7.

How often do you use recipes found in cookbooks or from other sources?

Once or twice a week
Once or twice a month
Once or twice a year
On weekends or when I have enough time
Primarily for entertaining, holidays or special occasions
Simply don't have the time or energy
Required 8.

Which of the following best describes your experience with recipes or cookbooks?

(please select as many as apply)


I usually give or receive them as a gift
I support local charities by purchasing them, whether as a gift or for my collection
I have a sizeable collection
I enjoy looking at the pictures, but rarely use the recipes in them
I don't have the time to prepare nice meals anymore!
I can't wait to receive digital recipes that are sent to my phone, I-Pad or e-mail
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Required 9.

Do you have a favorite author, celebrity, TV personality or Web site that you rely heavily upon for recipes?


Yes (please use the space below to explain)
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If you watch cooking- or chef-related television shows, which one is your favorite?



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Required 11.

Is there at least one restaurant in the Atlanta area that you consider as one of the top 5 on your list of all-time favorites, regardless of location?


Yes (please use the space below to list your favorites)
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Required 12.

Is there one recipe from a local restaurant that you'd like to have for your own files? Which recipe is it and from which restaurant?



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Required 13.

If you could redo your kitchen, what, if anything, would you change?

 (please select as many as apply)

My kitchen is perfectly suited to my needs
I need more overall area in which to operate
I need more storage space for cookware and utensils
I need an additional oven
I need more counter top space
I need to upgrade my counter tops
My appliances need to be upgraded
I need a larger pantry
Required 14.

Please select your preferences for the following items related to your kitchen?


Gas stove top and oven
Electric stove top and oven
Combination of both types
Required 15.

Please select your preferences for baking pans, pots and skillets?


Stainless steel
Non stick
Cast iron
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At what local store(s) or Web site(s) do you typically purchase cooking utensils, cookware, cutlery, etc.?



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What is your favorite type of outdoor grill?


Traditional (charcoal)
Ceramic (such as the Big Green Egg, Grill Dome or Primo)

How often do you dine or entertain outdoors?


Whenever the weather allows
Typically, just on weekends or holidays

May we contact you about being a guest chef or to conduct a food review?


Yes (cite your preference below)
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Required 20.

Please enter the information indicated below for your opportunity to win prizes or to be considered as a guest chef or food reviewer.

Your information will not be provided to any third party and will be used only to contact you in the event you are selected as a future winner. Please use the dashes format (404-555-1212) for your telephone number, and feel free to substitute your cell phone for your home number.


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