Purchasing/Supply Services Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Purchasing/Supply Services Department is committed to continuous improvement in the services we provide. I tis important to us that you experience excellent customer service as we work to meet your needs. We value your comments and suggestions and would appreciate your taking a few moments to let us know how you feel we are doing.


PERFORMANCE: Please rate your satisfaction with the performance of the Purchasing team in each of the areas below:

 Excellent Good Fair Poor  
Courtesy and professionalism  
Positive problem solving attitude  
Knowledge of products and vendors  
Promptness of returning calls  
Knowledge of the system's purchasing policies and regulations  

How well do we communicate with you in the following areas?

 Excellent Good Fair Poor  
Advising you of produce availability  
Advising you of porduct substitutes  
Advising you of better prices and discounts  
Advising you of delivery time  

How would you rate us in the following areas?

 Excellent Good Fair Poor  
Requests for product information  
Requests for help in dealing with vendors when problems occur  
Requests for assistance with complex purchases  

How would you rate YOUR understanding of:

 Excellent Good Fair Poor  
Purchasing process/policy  
Online requisition system (GEMS)  

How well does the Purchasing Department service your department in the areas below:

 Excellent Good Fair Poor  
Purchasing requisition processed in a timely manner?  
Orders received in a reasonable period of time?  
If the wrong merchandise was received, did the Purchasing Department help resolve the problem in a timely manner?  

Warehouse orders:

 Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree  
The items ordered from the Warehouse were received in a timely manner  
When your order is delivered to your site/department, you open it and inspect it for accuracy immediately  
You know what to do if you find a discrepancy in your order  
You know what to do when you receive merchandise which is damaged or defective