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Please enter your name and contact information so that we can contact you.  We will not be adding your contact information to any mass email lists or sharing your information as we respect your privacy.



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Select the Cafe Gratitude location where you are interested in holding an event. Please select all cafes that apply:



San Francisco, CA
Berkeley, CA
San Rafael, CA
Healdsburg, CA
Oakland, CA
Cupertino, CA
Gracias Madre, SF, CA
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Below are the most commonly available times for classes to be held in our cafes. Please select the most relevant time to you (other times may be requested)


Cafe Gratitude Monday 5-7pm
Cafe Gratitude Tuesday 5-7pm
Cafe Gratitude Wednesday 5-7pm
Cafe Gratitude Thursday 5-7pm
Gracias Madre Tuesday 3-5pm
Gracias Madre Wednesday 3-5pm
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Do you have a preferred date that you would like to hold this event on? Please enter in 3 options below if you do.



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Have you taught a class at Cafe Gratitude before? If you have, please email to see if you are required to fill out this form.


Yes (If yes, please email Batul@cafegratitude.c-
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Do you currently or have you worked for Cafe Gratitude in the past?

If yes, please briefly describe what you did below (position/location). Also include if you are interested in using Cafe Gratitude recipes for your class/event.



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What type of event will this be (please select all the options that apply):



Food preparation hands on class
Food preparation demo class
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Please provide a description of the event you would like to host at Cafe Gratitude:



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Are there any questions you have about the space or special accommodations that you would like to request?



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Have you held this event before? Answer yes or no, then describe your past experience with this class and/or what makes you excited to teach this new class below.



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Have you ever taught any classes/events before? Please include how long you've been hosting events/teaching for.  Include details about where, how, and what you've taught or presented. Also include if you have a Facebook page, if you use Twitter, if you have a website or if you have written a book or created a product.



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If you have written a book or created a product, do we currently carry your book or product at one of our locations?




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How much are you planning on charging for entry to this event? What price do you think the participants will value this class at? Please write "free" if you are not planning to charge.




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If applicable, we may ask you to use/promote a product that we carry in the restaurants during your presentation.  Are you willing to use a product such as Vitamineral Green, E3Live, raw cacao, coconut oil, maca, etc? Please let us know which item(s) you would like to use/promote.




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Required 15.

In exchange for providing the space and promoting your event through our website, in our Cafes, on our social media pages and on our newsletter that reaches over 6,000 people, we ask for 30% of your total revenue from each attendee registered.  We will also provide you with a step by step guide to setting up your event and accommodate your needs on the day of the event.


Do you accept this payment agreement?



Required 16.

Can you provide your own marketing for this event? We require that our teachers create their own fliers with text, pictures, and a description. We post them at our cafes and market them online. All other outreach is done by the teacher/event host (you). Please select one of the options below:



Yes, I already have a flier drafted. I just need to put in the date, time, and location
Yes, I can make a flier
Yes, it will not be fancy - I can only do a basic layout.
No, I don't know how to do that.
No, I don't have time to do extra outreach for the event.
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Required 17.

Will you be able to provide us with a link to your own registration/payment page for this event? Please select the most relevent option:


Yes, I have created a registration page with payment options for my participants before.
Yes, I haven't done it before but I know I can figure it out.
No, I don't understand how this works. I have basic computer skills.
No, I don't have the resources to set this up.

Would you like to include a prix fixe menu option for the participants of your event? Please pick the most relevant option below:


Maybe, let's talk more about what that would entail.
No, that wouldn't make sense for my event.
No, but I would like to include Cafe Gratitude's food into my event in another way.
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What do you expect will be your minimum and maximum turnout for the class? Please enter estimated numbers.




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Is there anything else you would like to tell us? Do you have any suggestions on how to make this application even better? Please enter any questions, comments, or suggestions below.  We love you!



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Thank you for your time in filling out this form.  We appreciate you!  Please submit below.