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Thank you for your interest in receiving a donation from Freekibble.com! Despite donating more than 1 million meals of HALO Spot's Stew each year, we are sad to say the need is FAR greater than our capacity to give. We wish we could donate to every worthy organization that applies, but sadly we cannot. And due to the overwhelming number of requests, we can only respond to the organizations we are able to support. We hope you will understand!




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Can you tell us a little bit about your organization? What have you achieved? What do you hope to achieve? How is your work special? Feel free to copy/paste from your web site!




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Can you give us a rough idea of how many dogs and cats (total) your oganization feeds?


 Fewer than 10 10-50 51-100 101-200 201-500 501-1,000 1,001-2,000 2,001-5,000 More than 10,000 
Total, since organization began
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When was your organization founded?


More than 25 years ago 15-25 years ago 10-15 years ago 6-10 years ago 3-5 years ago 1-2 years ago This year     
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How did you first learn of Freekibble?


Halo, Purely for Pets
Ellen DeGeneres
A blog
An article or TV show
A friend
Facebook or Twitter
Another animal rescue professional
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How did you first learn of Halo (makers of Halo Spot's Stew)?


Ellen DeGeneres
At the store
Somewhere online
A friend
My veterinarian
Another animal rescue professional
Required 9.

Have you ever received a donation from us before?


Yes, we received Halo Spot's Stew from Freekibble
Yes, we received a donation from Freekibble (but it wasn't Halo food)
Yes, we received a donation of Halo (but I'm not sure if it was from Freekibble)
No, we've never received a donation from Freekibble or Halo
Not sure
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In your experience, do you think high quality natural food helps dogs & cats get adopted (by giving them greater health and vitality)?


No Likely not Not sure Likely yes Yes, definitely       
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Would you be interested in any of the following Halo discount programs? (this question has no influence on your application)



 Yes Maybe No   
Special buying program for shelters (for large orders)   
Shelter staff and key volunteer discount -- 35% off and free shipping   
Shelter member and adopter discount -- 20% off and free shipping   
General discounts for all -- Halo email newsletter coupons   
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Can you tell us in your own words how would this donation from Freekibble help? How would it make a difference for pets and the people who love them?



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Freekibble and Halo often share stories about our rescue partners. If you receive a donation, do you think you will be able to provide us with any of the following? (none of this is required)


Stories on your web site
Stories in the press/media
Stories you can share with us directly
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Are there any alternative contacts at your organization? Please share his or her name and email address(es) with us below.



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We appreciate your interest! Please press "submit" and then watch for links to alternative programs (that may be useful, whether or not we are able to donate). Thank you again!