Olive Oil Girls Questionnaire

Complete this Olive Oil Girls Questionnaire for your chance to win a prize at the Circle of Sisters event!  To win, you must print your completed survey and bring it to the Organic Root Stimulator booth #121.  The first 40 people to come to the booth with the correct answers will win a prize.


What kind of protective gel is used with the Olive Oil relaxer kit?

Olive Oil
Aloe Vera
Wheat Proteins
There is no protective gel.

What makes this relaxer kit different from other children's relaxers?

Color Cue Shampoo
Added Protection
Includes Styling Products
There is no difference.

Which of the following products are included in the Olive Oil Girls line? Select all that apply.

Olive Oil Girls Built-In Protection Plus Relaxer Kit
Olive Oil Girls Detangler
Olive Oil Girls Moisturizing Styling Lotion
Olive Oil Girls Hair Pudding
Olive Oil Girls Leave-In Conditioner

What ingredient helps prevent over-processing of previously relaxed hair?

Olive Oil
Aloe Vera
Wheat Proteins
None of the above.