Thank you for applying to the Deaf Mentor Training event. Co-hosted by the Mid-America Regional Interpreter Education (MARIE) Center and the CATIE Center in St. Paul, MN. This is an online application form that must be completed within one session. It should take you 30 minutes or less to complete. This form includes basic informational questions, statements of expectation if selected and 3 essay questions. All question are required as part of the application process and will be used to determine your acceptance into the Training event. A current resume will need to be submitted separately. Instruction on how to do so will be provided at the end of this application form. Applications with incomplete information or missing a resume will not be processed. The essay question may be answered through either a signed response or written English. Signed responses will need to be submitted separately. While written English response could be started prior to this application form. The essays could be answered within MS Word (or like program) and then be copied & pasted from Word into the appropriate application text boxes. Each essay response must be answered with 500 words or less. The essay questions are: 1) Why would you like to attend this training on mentoring? 2) How will the mentoring knowledge and skills be used by you right now? 3) What are your long-term professional goals and how will this training help you to achieve these goals?
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