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Informed Opinions Workshop Registration and Expert Interview Research
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Completing this brief survey will help you get the most out of the session, assist us in tailoring the workshop to your needs, and facilitate your inclusion in a database of women experts after the workshop, should you wish to participate. (If you do not want to participate and/or you do not want to remain on the Informed Opinions mailing list after the workshop, we will be happy to remove you from the list.)













By entering my personal information, I consent to receive email communications from the survey author's organization based on the information collected.

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Required 2.

Please list the credentials most relevant to your area of expertise (e.g. years of work experience, formal designations or affiliations, relevant education, publications, if any…)





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Required 3.

Please list your area(s) of expertise in brief, searchable phrases, being as specific as possible while using accessible terminology (of the kind a general interest reporter might use): 




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Required 4.

Have you ever written a newspaper commentary before?




If you answered yes to question 4, what did you write about?







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If you answered yes to question 4, was your op ed published, and if so where?





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Required 7.

What, if anything, has stopped you from writing commentaries? (Select all that apply)



Believe that others are better qualified to comment
Not familiar with the process of writing and submitting
Don't have experience writing for a general audience
Don't have time to devote to the task
No professional incentive to do so
Don't see value in reducing complex issues to 750 words
Reluctant to become a target of criticism
Required 8.

What issues, if any, have been in the news in the past 6 to 12 months about which you have an informed opinion?







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Required 9.

How often does it occur to you that your informed perspective on a current affairs issue is not being represented, but would add value if it were?



Required 10.

Please identify one newsworthy topic on which you are knowledgeable enough to add value and context through public commentary and about which you would like to write an op ed.





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Required 11.

Have you ever been approached by a journalist or a media relations staff person inside your organization to respond to an interview request?   







If you answered yes to question 11 and didn't agree to the interview, what stopped you? (Please select all that apply) 

If you did agree, what was the experience like
(Please record your experience under "comment".)








Wasn't available at the time requested
Didn't have enough time to become really familiar with the specific issue
Wasn't my direct area of expertise
Others more qualified to comment
Not practiced at speaking in sound bites
Don't want my words taken out of context
Have had bad experiences with media before
Don't want to be seen as promoting myself
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Required 13.

Please describe in a short paragraph how you will benefit from this training. What kinds of issues would you like to draw attention to? Why are they important?




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Required 14.

Would you be willing to be listed in an online database of women experts to make it easier for journalists to access and reflect women’s perspectives? 




If you answered yes to question 14, please indicate which languages you speak fluently enough to be able to respond to interview questions in with confidence.




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Thank you very much for completing this survey. Your responses help shape the design of the workshop, enhance the project's authority and increase its impact. We look forward to working with you!