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Please give the first and last names and organizations of the people you are nominating: There are no limitation to the number of people that are involved with this project


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How has this project created a regional benefit or have benefit across jurisdictions/ political boundaries? 

How does it go beyond organization self-interest?


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How has this project significantly and positively impacted the South Mountain region by contributing to its sense of place through promoting or conserving its natural and cultural assets. 

Special consideration will be given to those projects that have furthered the South Mountain Partnership's Strategic Plan.

Tell us how your nominated project has contributed towards this:


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Tell us how your nominated project will have had a long-term and postive impact on the region and its sense of place:


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If you would like to submit additional documents, links, etc... about this project, please e-mail them to Kim Williams, South Mountain Partnership co-lead at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy at (please no more then 4 MB attachments).