Perfect Mix Estimate

We are glad to provide you with this estimate in an effort to help you determine a budget for the franchise required professional design services.  The final contract price may vary based on a site visit and owner meeting to determine a more detailed scope of work.


Please enter the information indicated below.  Under the "Address" space, please list the physical address of the property.  We will use the information provided for the sole purpose of providing you with the requested estimate.

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Do you have any architectural drawings for the hotel, either from when it was built or from any subsequent renovations?  Please choose any that apply and use the comment section, if needed, to note any additional information.

No, I do not have any building plans.
Floor Plans
Reflected Ceiling Plans
Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Plans
My project drawings are available in CAD format
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As a rule, the Perfect Mix impacts a few standard areas.  Some owners choose to renovate auxilary areas in the commercial space.  Would you like to renovate any areas other than the breakfast, pantry, and registration?  Please choose all that apply and if needed, use the comment section for any additional areas or information.

Meeting/Pre-Function Spaces
Public Restrooms
First Floor Guest Corridors
First Floor Elevator Lobby
Second Through Top Floor Corridors and Elevator Lobbies
Back of House Areas
Business Center
Fitness Room
Pool Area
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How many rooms does your hotel have?  Of those rooms how many, if any, are suites? 


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With the January 1, 3013 deadline quickly approaching, some owners are choosing to renovate more than one property at a time.  Please list how many properties you will be renovating.  Add any additional comments if needed. 

1 property
2 Properties
3 properties
4 properties
More than 4 properties
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Please let us know if there are any architectural features at your property that are outside of a typical Hampton Inn/Hampton Inn and Suites floor plan.


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The price we provide you with will be an estimate, based on your answers, for interior design services.  We can provide you with additional services.  Please select any other services you are interested in.   

Procurement (FF&E Purchasing and Project Management)
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