DCI Technical Assistance Application

Your completion of this technical assistance application must include submission of the following within 10 business days of completing this online application: (1) your community's articles of incorporation and (2) a 1-page letter detailing how a technical assistance training visit will improve your economic and community development.

In addition to providing basic information on your community, please be prepared to provide the following information:
a.) Estimated downtown budget
b.) Description of challenges and how they impact the community and economy
c.) Description of current initiatives to enhance downtown
d.) Description of technical assistance services you are requesting, including desired end result and steps you envision as necessary
e.) Identify specialized skills required for technical assistance request
f.) Description of how you will invite participation and distribute assessment findings to all community stakeholders before and after assessment
g.) Proposed time frame

We appreciate your efforts to revitalize your downtown and jump-start your local economic development!