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UAA 2011 Board Member Elections

Welcome to the ballot for the election of five (5) new UAA Board Members to serve from November 2011 through October 2013.  For more information about Board Members' "Qualifications" and "Governing Powers and Duties," please see UAA's By Laws found in the About section of the website under Organization Statement.

Below are the names and bios of alumni (listed alphabetically)who have volunteered to serve on the UAA Board of Directors for two years. Please read through all of the bios and then vote for your five (5) choices at the end. 

As a reminder, only those Alumni who have made a membership contribution (suggested amount is $75) in 2011 may vote.  If you have not yet contributed, you may do so now online by clicking here before you vote. 








1. Frank Almaguer

I have been actively interested in the Association from its early stages.  In recent years, I’ve met with new USAID Foreign Service Officers participating in training sessions (on the interaction between USAID and the Country Team).  In addition, I have promoted greater USAID retiree participation in the DACOR lecture series.

My first association with USAID was in 1973, when I joined the Inspector General’s staff.  Then, USAID detailed me to Peace Corps staff.  I served in USAID from 1979 to 1999, when I was detailed to State as Ambassador to Honduras. I occupied the following leadership positions:  Deputy Mission Director to Panama; Director of the Office of South American and Mexican Affairs; Mission Director in Ecuador; Senior Seminar; Mission Director for Eastern Europe; Director of Human Resources; and, Mission Director in Bolivia.  After retiring in 2002, I spent six years as head of management for the OAS.  Also, I’ve consulted for USAID contractors and NGOs, giving me added perspective on their important development roles.










2. Gary Bisson
I would like to be considered for one of the five board vacancies this year. I had 20 years service with USAID, retiring from the SFS in 1994. Overseas Duty: I served as  Senior RLA in Kenya (1980-82), and RLA in Swaziland (1982-1986) and Indonesia (1986-1988).  AID/W:  I served as a Assistant General Counsel/AFR, AGC/Finance and Administration, and DAGC, Contracts and Commodity Management. I would contribute strong USAID legal and acquisition and assistance knowledge to the Board.








3. Margaret Carpenter

I developed a deep appreciation for USAID’s career staff while serving as an AA during the Clinton Administration.  I cheered creation of the USAID Alumni Association, an idea overdue in an era marked more by misunderstanding than support for development professionals and development challenges.  I had an opportunity to tap UAA member expertise when I was an adviser to the Secretary of State on political appointments in development agencies. USAID retirees are a remarkably talented and committed group whose experience is still needed.  As a Board Member I would help UAA grow and increase its contributions to members and the broader development community.  I could help build membership and increase visibility by 1) strengthening member recruitment and expanding member services; 2) energizing the speakers’ bureau for greater outreach; and, 3) promoting awareness of UAA among US government agencies, where members could advise on development and organizational challenges.  UAA has huge external potential if seen as a broad-based group of seasoned professionals committed to sharing knowledge and lessons learned about international development and US foreign aid.








4. George Hill

Whoever would have thought that USAID, established as a "temporary" Agency, would provide fascinating careers for thousands of people? did.  I spent 30 years in the Agency between 1965 and 1995.  I helped establish the Alumni Association in 2009 and have served as Treasurer since May, 2010. I also have served as one of the co-chairs of the UAA Development Issues Committee.   I was appointed to the UAA Board this year to fill a vacancy. 


I am running for a full 2 year seat on our UAA Board.  I believe we need to continue to try to grow the organization and insure that it is meeting the expressed interests of the membership.






5. Jim Michel

I would be pleased to serve on the UAA Board. I had a close involvement with the organization’s formation.  As a member of the Board, I would hope to contribute to maintaining the value of this association for the benefit of the members and future members.  My history with USAID goes back a long way. While in the Department of State in the 1970s I was the lawyer with principal responsibility for foreign assistance legislation, working closely with USAID colleagues. After a series of policy and diplomatic assignments, I was fortunate to be named Assistant Administrator of USAID for Latin America and the Caribbean and was later able to continue working on development in assignments as Counselor, Acting Deputy Administrator, Acting Administrator, and Chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee. I also have experience as a member of the boards of other not-for-profit organizations.






6. Patrick Rader

I would like to serve on the board because I treasure my USAID experience and would like to give something back. During my 20-year career in international development I have served as a GS, FS, PSC, and contractor implementing USAID projects. I think that my broad experience will help the board increase the membership and involvement of former USAID employees.

Cooperative Education Student at AID/W/IRM: 1991-2

GS at AID/W/Bureau for Europe and Newly Independent States: 1992-1995

FS at USAID/CAR: 1995-1996 (RIF’d)

PSC at USAID/Russian Federation: 1998-99

FS at USAID/Uganda: 1999-2001 (resigned)






7. Alexander Shakow

I spent fourteen fascinating years with AID, between 1968 and 1981. I was initially Director of the Office of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore Affairs, then Director of Asia Bureau Development Planning, then  Deputy Assistant Administrator for Program and Policy (PPC), and, finally, AA/PPC. Before joining AID I was a Peace Corps staff member for five years (including Director for the Indonesia program).  After leaving AID I joined the World Bank where I stayed for 22 years in various senior policy positions until I retired in 2002.  Since then I have occasionally consulted for international organizations including the World Bank, IMF,  the African Development Bank, FAO, UNICEF, and  the Global Fund to Fight AIDs, TB and Malaria. If elected, I hope to use to good advantage this 50 plus years of experience in development to help both the Alumni Association and the newly revitalized AID.






8. David Sprague

I joined USAID in 1972 and served approximately 16 years in Washington in the central Education Office, including as its Director from 1979 to 1988, and another 12 years with USAID overseas in Pakistan, Ukraine, and Bangladesh. Subsequently, I worked as an independent education advisor for  USAID and the World Bank in Egypt, Jordan and once again in Pakistan.  I am interested in running for UAA Board because I would like to help this new organization grow to represent and connnect the far-flung network of USAID alumni and, even more, to become the recognized authoritative voice for development in Washington and around the country.   







Please vote for the five (5) candidates you wish to represent USAID alumni on the UAA Board.  Click in the box to the left of the candidate's name.



Frank Almaguer
Gary Bisson
Margaret Carpenter
George Hill
Jim Michel
Patrick Rader
Alexander Shakow
David Sprague
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