Carolina Creek Summer Camp Participation Agreement & Waiver
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Name of Camper


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I am the parent/legal guardian of the Camper, a minor.  I hereby acknowledge that said minor is presently under my care, custody, and control.  I hereby give my child my permission to attend Carolina Creek Christian Camp.

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Name of Parent or Guardian


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Furthermore, I consent to give my child permission to participate in all activities including, but not limited to, climbing, repelling, low rope elements, high rope elements, swimming, other water activities, and all indoor and outdoor events and activities.  I understand all activities are optional and that my child has voluntarity applied to participate in the events and activities of the Camp.  I understand the foregoing activities and all other events, hazards or exposures connected with the Camp and the indoor and/or outdoor activities invlove risk of harm and that accidents or illness can occur in places without medical facilities, physicians, or surgeons.  I am aware of the risks and damages inherent with those activities and I knowingly and willingly assume the risk of injury.

Required 5.

For which 2012 Summer Session(s) will the participant be attending Carolina Creek?


Wild Session 1: June 13-17
Wild Session 2: July 1-4
Wild Session 3: July 4-7
Wild Session 4: July 8-11
Wild Session 5: July 11-14
Wild Session 6: July 15-18
Wild Session 7: July 18-21
Wild Session 8: July 22-25
Wild Session 9: July 25-28
Wild Session 10: July 29-Aug 1
Wild Session 11: Aug 1-4
Creek Week 1: June 13-17
Creek Week 2: July 1-7
Creek Week 3: July 8-14
Creek Week 4: July 15-21
Creek Week 5: July 22-28
Creek Week 6: July 29-Aug 4