This is a change form for current Juried Members* of NW Art Alliance to use to correct how they show up in our on-line gallery. Submitting this form once each jury session is free. If you want more frequent changes that are not typo corrections etc. or if you want to change or add images to your Enhanced Listing, it is $50 each time we have to open your record to make changes, 1 or many, so please type carefully and group your changes. Before proceeding please check your listing in the on-line gallery**: Clicking your listing should take viewers to either your Enhanced page or your website or, if you have neither, just a small image*** with whatever contact information you ask us to show. If you have an Enhanced Listing or no website, decide if you want us to display your email and/or your phone number. If the information for you on any of our gallery pages is not correct, please correct it in this form and in your profile. If you wish to add search groups (wholesale, teacher or custom) or add future search categories (other than jury categories) you can do that here also. *You can see see "Am I a Member" for membership information if you are not sure of your status. **If you applied and were accepted as a Juried Member over a month ago and still do not appear, please contact us directly, 206-525-5926 or ***If you have no website and want more than just the little image, you can buy an Enhanced Listing for $75/ year, see for more information.
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