Habitat Restoration Post-Test (3rd-5th grade)
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L.A. Morgan
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Galveston is a ________ island, and protects Houston from _________?



barrier; storms
volcanic; rain
sand; earthquakes
big; blizzards
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What makes up a 'perfect' sand dune system?



4 back to back dunes, starting at the high tide line
A big hill with no plants on it
A fore dune and back dune, with water trapped in between
One big dune by the water
Required 6.

Dunes help stop __________?



Required 7.

Why are plants MOST important to the dunes?



Birds eat them
They provide hiding places for crabs
By flowering, they make the dunes prettier
The roots keep the dune from eroding
Required 8.

What endangered species nests by the dunes on Galveston Island?



Wilson's Plover
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
Great egret
Required 9.

Which animal is NOT naturally part of the dune ecosystem?



Sea Turtles
Required 10.

Why are the dunes in danger?



Storms erode them
There are less plants on the dunes
People harm them
All of the above