Habitat Restoration Post-Test (12th grade)
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What type of island is Galveston?




an atoll
a barrier island
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What makes up a natural, 'ideal' dune system?





A fore-dune and back-dune, with water trapped in between
A large hill of sand, free of vegetation
A single large dune bordering the beach
4 back-to-back dunes, starting at the high tide line
Required 6.

Which of these is NOT considered an important function of coastal dunes?




Preventing erosion
Enabling accretion
Enabling tourism by providing hiking
Providing habitat for a multitude of animals
Required 7.

How do plants MOST benefit the dunes?





Food source for birds
Providing stabilization
Flowering and adding aesthetic value
Provide hiding places for crabs
Required 8.

What endangered species nests by the dunes on Galveston Island?



Wilson's Plover
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle
Great egret
Required 9.

Why are the Galveston Island dunes important to migratory birds?




They find mates there
They need the colder climate
They use them to 'refuel' during their migration
The dunes are their final destination
Required 10.

What is currently endangering the dune system?





Anthropogenic (human) activity
All of the above