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Black Hills Region - Business Issues Survey
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Part II - What Industry Do you Serve?

n industry cluster (aka business cluster), is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field, e.g. mining or tourism. A well functioning cluster of collaborating/competing business is considered to increase productivity and innovation so helping companies to compete, nationally and globally.

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From the list (below) type in the number that corresponds with the industry you serve.

If there is no match type in the name of your industry.

Cluster Industries List 



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Please select any of the following industry clusters your business supplies or serves in the region. (If no category fits your business then EXIT the survey) :

Cluster description

Energy and Extractive (e.g. fossil, renewable or other minerals)
Financial Services and Insurance
Business and Administrative Services
Life Sciences and Healthcare
Metalworking / Metal Manufacturing / Industrial Goods Mfg
Food & Beverage Manufacturing / Food Processing
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How do you rate the business cluster for your industry in this region?


Internationally competitive
Nationally competitive
Regionally competitive
Emerging or underdeveloped
Almost non-existent
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Does your company have plans to exand and diversify the business?


A plan is being implemented
In strategic planning phase
In pre-planning review phase
As a future business goal
Not at present