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Black Hills Region - Business Issues Survey

Rapid City Economic Development Partnership (RCEDP) and Black Hills Vision (BHV) are conducting a survey to identify challenges and opportunities facing companies in the greater Black Hills region. The results will inform a new Economic Strategy aimed at strengthening regional prosperity. We are asking business owners and managers to identify what is needed to grow or diversify key industries. Information collected will be treated as confidential and will not be released outside the study. Please take 10 minutes to share about your industry and help shape a stronger regional business environment.


Part I - About Your Business


How many years have you been in business in the area?

Area: Greater Black Hills region - encompassing western South Dakota to SE Montana, SW North Dakota, NE Wyoming and NW Nebraska.


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On average how many people do you employ?

Total including full-time, part-time or contract.




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Briefly describe your business. 

Example: We are a commercial insurance Program Administrator and specialty Wholesale Broker based in Rapid City, with three branch offices in Sioux Falls, Omaha and Salt Lake City. We develop and maintain insurance programs in three distinct markets: Hospitality (hotels, resorts and casinos), Healthcare (physicians and medical facilities), and General Casualty (commercial real estate).


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What percentage of your business is done outside the Greater Black Hills region?


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What competencies set your company apart from the competition?

Some specific examples: patents, proprietary technology or solution, industry awards, achivements or business innovation. 




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