Maritime & Coastal Security Africa post-event survey

This is your opportunity to tell us what you liked about Maritime & Coastal Security Africa 2011 and what suggestions you may have on how we can improve next year. Thank you in advance for taking time to participate in our survey. We value your feedback.





Why did you attend Maritime & Coastal Security Africa 2011? Select the options that apply:



Interest in the topic
Essential for your job
Networking opportunity
Educational requirements
To assess new technologies for my company

Please rate the usefulness and practicality of conference topics and presentations




Extremely useful Useful Neutral Unuseful Extremely unuseful       
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How would you rate your customer service experience (pre-event)?




 Outstanding    Awful 
Pre-event communications and marketing
Ease of registering for the event
Ease of accessing information (online, brochure, mailings etc)
Ease of contacting the organisers
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Please rate your overall satisfaction with the speakers on the following attributes



 Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neutral Somewhat dissatisfied Very dissatisfied 
Knowledge of the subject
Presentation skills
Ability to engage the audience
Supplementary materials provided online
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a) Were there any topics missing from the agenda or others that you would like to see covered at MCSA 2012? 
b) Could you recommend a speaker?




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What are the top 2 - 3 work challenges you face daily?




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What industry publications do you read and what associations do you belong to?




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Can you give us a quote/testimonial about 

a) Your experience at MCSA2011 and tell us what you liked about the event

b) How can we make the experience more valuable for you in 2012








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How did you learn about MCSA2011?



Phone call
Print advert
Online advert
Brochure mailing

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