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STEM Challenge Survey

Can science and engineering help us solve some of the challenges we’re facing in our homes and communities, from moldy basements to endangered food supplies, polluted water and crumbling roads? We’re planning a project that will enable citizens to use science and engineering to help solve local problems. This survey is to help us determine: a) if the project is needed and b) what sort of issues we should focus on.

Thank you for taking the Pulse of the Planet STEM Challenge Survey. We value your feedback! The estimated time to complete this survey is approximately 15 minutes.



Can you think of a problem in your community or home that could be helped by scientists or engineers?




If Yes, please briefly describe the issue below. Also, please tell us any ideas you have have about how a scientist or engineer could help address the issue.






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Have you ever contacted an expert/professional to help solve a problem or issue at home or in your community?





If you answered Yes to #3, what what the nature of the problem or issue?

(Check All That Apply)


pollution, toxins
water quality
invasive plants or animals
environmentally related health issues
unresolved repair problems at your home, school or other organization

If you answered Yes to #3, who did you contact?


Contractor or Repairman
Doctor or Health Professional
Professional Organization (please name below)
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If you answered Yes to #3, how did you find the contact? 

(Check All That Apply)


Online Search
Yellow Pages
Local Museum
Local Library
Hardware Store
Gardening Store
Personal Reccomendation/Refere-

If you answered Yes to #3, did you come away with a better understanding of the nature of the problem and how to avoid it in the future?




Would you be interested in working with a scientist or engineer to solve a challenge you face in your home or community?




What's your impression of scientists and engineers?

(Please tell us why you chose your answer below)


Always Trust Sometimes Trust Maybe Unsure Don't Trust At All       
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How helpful do you think knowing the science behind household repairs and larger community challenges could be?


Extremeley Helpful Somewhat Helpful Not At All Helpful Not Sure        

Do you follow any help/advise/DIY/makeover TV, radio programs, websites or articles?

(Check All That Apply)


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Trading Spaces
This Old House
Dr. Phil or Dr. Oz
Martha Stewart
Yard Crashers
Car Talk
Local/National Talk Radio Programs (Please Indicate Below)
Websites (Please Indicate Below)
Newspaper/Magazine Columns (Please Indicate Below)
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Have you ever called into a local or national radio talk show or submitted a question to a website or newspaper columnist asking for advice about an issue in your home or community? (If Yes, please tell us a little about the issue and the source of advice)


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We're planning a project to empower citizens to use scientists and engineers to help solve household or community problems. It involves a competition that would ask you to submit your local problem along with your own thoughts about how it might be solved. If your entry is selected, you'd be connected with scientists and engineers to find a solution, and given a small grant to jump-start the process.

How likely would you be to enter such a competition?

(Please feel free to explain your answer and leave comments below)



Extremely Likely  Somewhat Likely  Not At All Likely Unsure      
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