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Which of the following Policy issues from the 2012 Sustainable TN Agenda are highest, second highest and third highest priority to you or your organization?

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Pass the TN Scenic Vistas Bill to ban Mountaintop Removal Mining practices.   
Support growth of clean energy markets, energy conservation and green jobs.   
No new nuclear power plants and no nuclear waste to TN landfills.   
Pass a resolution requiring TVA to have a renewable portfolio standard.   
Restructure Air Control Board to improve representation of health and quality of life concerns.   

Which of the following Practice issues from the 2012 Sustainable TN Agenda are the highest, second highest, and third highest priority to you or your organization.

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Conduct home energy audit then join the TN Climate Protection Campaign.   
Recycling, composting and waste reduction.   
Improve/increase food security/local & sustainable production.   
Support and use state and local parks & greenways; and develop and increase awareness of blueways   
Join, support and promote the TVA Green Power Switch program for home, school and business.   

As neeeded, please "write in" any priority issue not listed above. Note that ALL issues in the 2012 Agenda Priorities are important and will be worked on by various member groups.


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