2011 Magic of Mentoring Event Feedback Survey

How did you participate in the Magic of Mentoring event this year?

Attended as a GUEST
Attended as a representative of a SPONSOR
Received an Excellence in Mentoring Award
Attended as a VOLUNTEER
Donated, but was unable to attend

If you attended the event, what was your main motivator for attending?  Rank the following items in order of importance with 1 being most important.

(1 = Most Important)
Supporting Jim Rohr as recipient of the Thieman Award
Celebrating Excellence in Mentoring awardees
Supporting mentoring in our community
Networking with friends/colleagues/co-
mmunity leaders
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For you, what were the most memorable parts of the event?  Please rank the following with 1 being most memorable.

(1 = Most Memorable)
Award program
Silent auction
Opportunity to learn more about mentoring
N/A -- did not attend
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How much do you agree with the following statements?

 Strongly Disagree Disagree No Opinion Agree Strongly Agree 
The award program did a good job of celebrating the honorees and sharing information about mentoring.
I thought the event's schedule of activities flowed and provided adequate time to network and enjoy myself.
There was an opportunity for me to learn about local mentoring programs.
There was an opportunity for me to network with potential mentors.
I like that the event is held every other year.
The food and beverages were great.
I liked the choice of venue (Heinz Field).
Logistics for attending (parking, navigating Heinz Field, etc.) were convenient.
Communications from The Mentoring Partnership surrounding the event were informative and timely.
Registering for the event was easy.
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How likely are you to do the following?

 Not Likely Very Likely    
Attend a future event hosted by The Mentoring Partnership.    
Contact The Mentoring Partnership to learn more about mentoring.    
Like The Mentoring Partnership on Facebook.    
Sign up to receive The Mentoring Partnership's newsletters.    
Become a mentor.    
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