Greetings - Women in Insurance and Financial Services (WIFS) is the preeminent professional organization for women in the insurance and financial services industry and is dedicated to attracting, developing, and advancing women. We need your help to keep the momentum going! As a female leader in the financial services industry, WIFS is asking you to devote 10 minutes to help us learn more about what makes women succeed in our industry, as well as why we sometimes fall short. As a first step to better understand how women view their careers, profession, and success, WIFS leaders have developed the following survey to be completed by industry women. We hope this survey will provide us with useful information about what makes women succeed in financial services. By better understanding what makes us succeed, we are better positioned to help develop new female associates who will thrive and advance our industry. We appreciate the commitment you have to our industry and your willingness to complete the following survey. Very sincerely, Karen Roberts President, WIFS
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