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WineCAST #8 Quiz: Wine EXPLORER: Wine Tasting 2

Thank you for joining us for WineCAST #8.  MWS Contributor Brian O'Keefe designed this week's quiz.  Highest scorers will be entered to win a prize and will be notified on Monday, November 21.









The dominant grape used in a Cotes du Rhone AOC blend is:






Cabernet Sauvignon

“Cotes” in Cotes du Rhone translates as:









Banks or slopes
Best quality

On the WSET scale for Appearance, Color, when moving left to right (purple –ruby – garnet - tawny), may indicate that the wines are:






Becoming younger
Becoming older and/or exposed to more oxidation
Dominated with faults

On the WSET scale for PALATE, the term “Length” refers to:



Time of skin contact during fermentation
How long your mouth waters
How long the flavor lasts after you swallow the wine

A Cotes du Rhone wine makes for a good introduction to Old World wines because





The labels are simple to understand
The wines are fruity and simple
The tannins are high

Extra Credit:    Describe the differences between Old World and New World expressions of a GSM blend. 





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