Western United Soccer Club Survey

Parents - please take a few minutes to provide the club with your valuable comments and experiences from this season.  We're looking for ways to improve and we need you to share your thoughts.  Your comments will be held strictly confidential and will help us improve WUSC for next season.


Thank you for your support! 

WUSC Board



How would you rate the following:


 Poor Average Good Excellent  
My child's soccer experience this season  
Communication from the club (email, website, Facebook)  
Player registration experience (online or in-person)  
Team and Individual Photos  
Saturday morning experiences (field locations marked, questions answered)  
Your coach - knowledge, communication with you, etc.  
Amount of practice time my child had during season  
Length of season (number of games)  
Your overall experience this season (as a parent)  
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How important are WUSC Club events to your child?


 Did Not Attend Get rid of this Good idea Important  
Opening Ceremonies (uniform distribution, game schedule published)  
WUSC free soccer clinics in Spring (one clinic per month)  
WUSC Club Day @ College Soccer games (49ers Oct 28)  
Weekly WUSC events (49ers visit, Cub Scout Popcorn, Baseball fundraiser)  
WUSC summer soccer camp at PG (June 25 - 28 2011)  
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How useful are the following communication tools:

 Never opened Not Useful Helpful   
Weekly email updates and reminders from WUSC   
Weekly website updates   
Weekly Facebook updates   
Printed flyers given out at field   
Email and announcements from coach   
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Are you interested in a summer camp hosted at Pleasant Grove run by the Charlotte 49ers Soccer program?  The program would be discounted since it will take place at our WUSC facility.  Regular pricing is $450 per child.  Our discounted price is approximately $75 per child.  If you're interested please let us know in the comments how many kids would likely attend.  We will use feedback to coordinate with the 49ers for possible dates, etc.


Yes No          
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Would you or your spouse be able to assist with pre-season events for 2012?  Examples are in-person registration at Chick-fil-A, school ambassadors, Opening ceremonies workers.  We have the proccess down but need volunteers to help us work these important events.  WUSC is a 100% volunteer organization and we need a little of your time to help make it a great club for our kids and community.


 Yes No Need more info   
Chick-fil-A registration #1 (Aug 18, 2012) - approx 3 hours on single day   
Chick-fil-A registration #2 (Aug 25, 2012) - approx 3 hours on single day   
Opening Ceremonies (August 25, 2012) - approx 3 hours on a single day   
School ambassador (April 2012) - approx 1 hour per month   
Player Registration database manager (August 2012) - approx 10 hours   
Website/Email manager (May - Nov 2012) - approx 1 hours per week   
Game/practice scheduler (August 2012) - approx 10 hours   
WUSC Board - year round - approx 3 hrs per mos off-season; approx 6 hours per mos in-season   
Sat Morning staff (Sep - Nov) - help setup/take down signs, soccer goals, field markers each week - approx 15 minutes per week   
Contact me - I'm willing to help as needed - approx 2 to 4 hours per month as needed   
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Any other positive or negative comments that you wish to share with us?  Anything that we can do to improve for next year?


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To help us plan for next season, please mark which age group your child/children will play in WUSC next year?  Age groups based on age of child on August 1, 2012. 

For example U8 means 'under age 8' on or before August 1, 2012.  A child will be considered U8 if their 8th birthday is August 2 or later. 


U4 Coed
U6 Coed
U8 Coed
U10 Coed
U12 Coed
U14 Coed
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