Sat Nam Fest West Vendor Application
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Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at Sat Nam Fest!

The Sat Nam Fest Yogi's Bazaar offers Sat Nam Fest participants a central area to gather, hangout and browse for quality goods and services that support a yogic lifestyle.  You will find music, books, yoga clothing and accessories, jewelry, snacks, healing services and much much more.

Please fill out and submit the application form.  Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation and instructions for payment.  If you have any questions, please email


About the Sat Nam Fest Yogi's Bazaar:

The Bazaar will be held in an outdoor space located near the main Yoga Hall.  The cost to be a vendor/healer at Sat Nam Fest is $108 per space. Only registered festival participants are eligible to be vendors/healers.  The fee covers rental of one 10ft x 10ft booth space. If you need a larger space, please register for 2 or more spaces.

The Bazaar area will be located outside so it will be up to each vendor/healer to bring their own necessary equipment, which may include tent/shade cloth, table and chair, etc. WE DO NOT PROVIDE TENT, ELECTRICITY OR ANY EQUIPMENT.  If you would like to rent a pop up tent, table and chair, we can provide them for $150 (includes 10x10 pop up tent, 8ft banquet table and 1 chair).  Each vendor will be responsible for setting up their own tent and table. 

Electricity is not provided in the bazaar space and vending hours extend beyond sundown.  If you would like to stay open past sundown, please bring battery-powered or solar powered lights.

Vendors will be responsible to close up their booth at the end of the day.  Bring extra tarps, fasteners, etc. to seal up your space.  There will not be any security in the bazaar so plan accordingly.  Sat Nam Fest is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 


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California Sellers Permit 

If you are selling anything it is mandatory you have a California Sellers Permit (Re-sale Certificate) on file. California law does not permit any exhibitor on-site that does not have a re-sale # on file. The Internal Revenue Service will enforce this.  Any exhibitor without a re-sale certificate will not be allowed to sell at the festival and no refunds will be given. NO EXCEPTIONS. To apply for your re-sale certificate visit or call 1-800-400-7115 for more information.

 If you do less than three California shows a year or are service only, you do not need a resale certificate.


If applicable, please list your  Re-Sale Certificate number:



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