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We are always looking to improve our programs - and to do that, we need your help. WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! Please take a minute and tell us how we did. Your input is anonymousif you wish it to be and a valuable tool to help us provide the best sports experience we can! With the help of volunteer coaches, parents, and community businesses, The Boys & Girls Club offers a wide range of sports programs to over 2,000 youths in East Texas. Club sports are a valuable outlet for youth to have fun, stay healthy and be involved.

From all of us at the Club, thank you for participating in Club sports!





Fall Football
Fall Soccer
Jr NBA Basketball
Spring 7 v 7 Football
Spring Soccer

What is the year you played?



Grade of Player
Select all appropriate if multiple children are playing


Young Elementary (K - 2nd Grade)
Late Elementary (3rd - 4th Grade)
Middle School (5th - 6th Grade)
Jr. High (7th - 8th Grade)
High school
No kids playing... I am a fan

Was this your child's first sport with us?



This season:


 1 - Not at All 5 - Very much 
Did your child have fun playing?
Do you feel that your child made progress or improvement this season?
Were practices constructive, informational and beneficial to your child?
Did your child learn the importance of Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Competition?
Did your coach effectively inform players and parents regarding practice and game times, including rescheduling and cancellations?
Did you receive your schedules, uniforms, and picture times in a timely manner?
Did the coach display a sufficient understanding and knowledge of the sport in which he or she coached?
Were the players and the Club positively represented at the games and tournaments?
Were the fields/gyms in proper playing condition?
Would your child participate in this sport again?
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How would you rate your overall level of satisfaction with the league?


Highly satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Highly dissatisfied

Other Factors


 1 - Poor 5 - Excellent 
How was the appearance of the uniforms?
How was the sizing of the uniforms?
Were the combines/tryouts orderly?
Were the combines fair (in what was asked of the child)?
How were the prices of the snackbar?
How was the selection of the snackbar?
How was the ease of signing up?
How did things run on the "day of"?
How was the quality of the referees?
How was the format for the end of the season/tournament?
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How do we rate in comparison to other sports leagues that you have participated in?


Much higher
Somewhat higher
Somewhat lower
Much lower
Don't know
How likely are you to continue using our services?
Very likely
Somewhat likely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely
Have you ever recommended us to others?
No, never recommended
Have recommended once or twice
Have recommended several times

When we get going for our next sport, which of the following is the best way to tell you that we are signing up again?

Please select all that apply

Direct Mailer
Club website
Club's e-newsletter
School flyers sent home with the kids
Banners/signs hung around the city
Through Facebook
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Do you have any suggestions for improvement?



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I am interested in...

Head coaching
Assistant coaching
Serving on a parent-advisory board

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