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Community Bulk Buy Energy Scheme
Organised By: Local Residents - Stanley and Upper Brisbane Catchment Community


We respect your privacy.  Your personal information will not be sold to any third parties.  It will be used by Power Group Purchasing when necessary to communicate updates to you.




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Please indicate whether you are registering a home or your local business. 

Local business consuming Less than 100,000 KWh per annum
Local business consuming More than 100,000 kWh per annum
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Please note: The selected energy retailer may wish to set up a promotional code for the energy deal and a dedicated telephone number for people to contact them on.  Details will be provided when the selected retailer is announced.  

Details of the winning energy retailer will be emailed or posted to you if you provide your postal address details.  Information will also be announced in the community projects section at www.powergrouppurchasing.com


Please enter your telephone contact number below if you authorise to be contacted by PowerGroup Purchasing or the winning energy retailer about the selected offer, even if you are registered on the do not call register.


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