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2012 Vendor Survey
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Required 1.

Please indicate what categories of products you sold at the 2012 Downtown Bloomington Farmers' Market









Baked Goods and Processed Foods
Potted Plants/Herbs and Cut Flowers
Meats, Fish, Eggs, and Dairy
Required 2.

How satisfied were you with your experience at this year's Farmers' Market?

Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
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Required 3.

Please rate your satisfaction with the following.

 Very Dissatisfied Somewhat Dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat Satisfied Very Satisfied 
Promotion/advertising of the Market
Management of the Market
Physical layout of the Market
Market rules and guidelines
Enforcement of rules and guidelines
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What do you think about the hours for this year's Farmers' Market?
Should have STARTED EARLIER than 7:30
Should have STARTED LATER than 7:30
Just right
Should have CLOSED EARLIER than noon
Should have CLOSED LATER than noon
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Based on your observations, did our token (credit/debit/Link) program and our Double-Value Link program have an impact on your sales?  What other observations or feedback about these programs do you have? 

NOTE:  The Link Double-Value program, which was funded through a grant from Experimental Station, allowed us to double the number of tokens given to customers using their Link card.  For example, a customer spending $25 received $50 in tokens.


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Required 6.

Please indicate how your SALES at THIS YEAR'S Farmers' Market compared to LAST YEAR'S SALES. If you do not track sales, then please provide your best estimate.

NOTE: The Farmers' Market received an Illinois Department of Agriculture grant this year that we used to promote the Market through the MARKET TO MENU program. If we experienced an increase in sales this year, we would like to include that information in our final grant report.

Increased by 10% or more
Increased by less than 10%
No change
Decreased by less than 10%
Decreased by more than 10%
Not applicable -- this is my first year at the Market
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Please provide an estimate of your gross sales at this year's Farmers' Market.

NOTE: We would like to have information about gross sales to help us in promoting the Market. Your responses to all questions on this survey are ANONYMOUS, so we will not be able to trace this information back to you.


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What did you like most about this year's Farmers' Market?


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What would you like to see improved for next year's farmers' market season?


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