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WineCAST #14 Quiz: Wine Explorer: Reading French Wine Labels Part 2

Thank you for joining us for WineCAST #14.  MWS Contributor Brian O'Keefe designed this week's quiz.  Highest scorers will be entered to win a prize and will be notified on Monday, December 12.





Vin de Pays translates literally as:


Quality Wine
Country Wine
Budget Wine

Cotes de Gasogne means:


The Coat of Arms for the original family of Pouy
The harvest wine festival of SW France
Slopes of Gascogne, the wine region in SW France

In the 1970’s, Vin de Pays was established as:


An intermediate quality between AOC and Table Wine
A quality level above AOC
A quality level below table wine

French wine label laws changed in 2009. AOC became AOP and V d P became IGP, whereby:



AOP indicates quality and place, while IGP has no geographic indication
Only quality is guaranteed on both AOP and IGP
Both AOP and IGP include geographic indication

nstead of listing the varietal, Domaine de Pouy uses the New World marketing technique of:




Selling on brand recognition
Promoting with high profile celebrity association

Extra Credit:    Before their success producing quality white wines at a reasonable price, the Grassa family produced __________, while using the same white grapes ____________ and ________  ________.

(Jessica's Note:  Oh this is hard one Brian!  I forgot to mention the grapes (sorry!) so you'll have to look this one up).



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