Midland Recyclers Survey

Please share your feedback on your experience with Midland Recyclers so we can best meet your needs.



How valuable do you find each of the following attributes of Midland Recyclers?







 1 - Not at all valuable 5 - Very valuable Not aware of this attribute 
Educational programs for schools and civic groups
Business Recycling Program - Gold to Go Green
Recycling Center - accepting "hard to recycle": items like polystyrene foam and vinyl siding
Reuse area items for sale - moving boxes, packing p-nuts, bubble wrap, and air pillows
Volunteer and work experience opportunities offered to people of all ages and abilities
Website content - www.midlandrecyclers.-
The non-profit status of Midland Recyclers
Availability of craft materialsfor educators and crafters
Self-serve confidential document shredding
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Please rate your agreement with each of the following aspects of your experience at the recycling center.




 1 - Strongly disagree 5 - Strongly agree 
When I need help there is someone available to help me
I can easily identify a staff person or volunteer
It is clear how materials need to be prepared and sorted
The recycling center is conveniently located
The staff and volunteers at the recycling center are friendly and professional
The drop off hours are convenient
The recycling center is clean and safe
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Why do you choose to recycle?





Save landfill space
Conserve natural resources
Reduce greenhouse gas emisions
all of the above
I do not recycle
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How likely are you to do each of the following?




 1 - Very unlikely 5 - Very likely 
Bring recyclables to Midland Recyclers
Purchase moving boxes at Midland Recyclers
Tell others about Midland Recyclers
Volunteer at the Recycling Center
Volunteer at events or fundraisers

Are you aware of any businesses or apartments/condos that would like to start or improve a recycling program?  What about community events, do you know of any that could use a recycling program?   If so, please list.  Help us spread the word about these programs.





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What suggestions do you have for us to improve your experience with Midland Recyclers?





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Next time you are at the recycling center, let one of us know that you completed the survey and receive a free "Midland Recyclers" travel mug made from recycled plastic!