Workforce Development Survey
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Wilmington Downtown, Inc. (WDI) is seeking your feedback in collaboration with the Cape Fear Economic Development Council, Cape Fear Future and Wilmington Industrial Development. This short survey is designed to identify the needs of local employers who utilize software programmers and/or developers.

The feedback we receive will assist in the development of a post secondary education curriculum designed to produce numerous software programers/developers annually. We feel this important program will assist in the recruitment of companies that seek this talented workforce, support entrepreneurial efforts and grow our burgeoning tech sector.

Please forward this survey to other business colleagues you know who utilize software programmers/developers in the Wilmington region. Thank you in advance for taking this short survey.


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Does your company currently employ software programmers/developers? Please mark all that apply.


We hire third-party subcontractors
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How many total staff members are employed with your company?



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Of those employees, how many are considered software programmers/developers and/or system engineers?



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How long ago did you last hire a software programming/developing specialist?


Within the past 12 months
Between 12 & 24 months ago
Between 24 & 48 months ago
More than 48 months ago
We do not employ a software programming specialist

Do you anticipate hiring a software programmer/developer in the next ...


12 months?
12 - 24 months?
24 - 48 months?
Not sure
We do not plan to hire a software programmer/developer
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Would a local training/certification curriculum on software programming/developing help grow your business?


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Please indicate the types of digital skills you feel would be most valuable in implementing a new educational curriculum.



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