Everyone Has a Story. Share Yours!
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Tell us how the Richland Library has influenced you. Share your memories, inspirations and connections with us. Tell us why the library is important to you, your family and our community! Your stories help us advocate for public libraries and prove what an important asset the library is to the citizens of Richland County. 

My library helped me find a job.
My library helped me instill a love of reading in a child.
My library helped me meet new people.
My library helped me learn something new.
My library helped me homeschool my children.
My library helped me start or grow my business.
My library helped me find a book, movie or music to enjoy.
My library helped me find my family history.
My library helped me in other ways. (Please specify below.)
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 For any of the items checked above, please tell us more about how the library has made a positive impact in your life.


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Please select the Richland Library location(s) you use most often.


Main, Downtown Columbia
Cooper, Forest Acres
North Main
St. Andrews
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I'm willing to share a photo of myself and/or my family.
I'm willing to share my library story on video.
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