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How important are the following issues to you?


 Not at all important    Extremely important 
Jobs and the Economy
Law Enforcement and Public Safety
Public Health and Mental Health Services
Family / Protection of Innocent Human Life
Gun Rights / Second Amendment

Should dedicated transportation revenues be "locked up" for transportation projects?
Although Virginia has "dedicated transportation revenues," including the gas tax, these funds have been diverted to unrelated projects on several occasions.


Yes, create a transportation "lockbox"
No, allow transportation funds to be diverted to non-transportation projects

If you believe that transportation revenue -- monies in the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) -- should be locked up, do you support a single or double lockbox?
A "single lockbox" would prohibit raids on the TTF for non-transportation uses. A "double lockbox" would lock up not only the TTF, but also the General Fund, prohibiting the use of any general fund revenues for transportation. Supporters of a single lockbox say that the general fund is not a "trust" fund and that if we have surplus general fund revenues, we should be allowed to use them for transportation and that a double lockbox will lead to new and higher taxes. Supporters of a double lockbox say that education spending will suffer if general funds are diverted to pay for transportation.


Single Lockbox
Double Lockbox
Neither, there should be no lockbox

Please rate the following proposals to fund transportation.
Reallocation of state funding could include dedicating a greater percentage of the state sales tax to transportation. Variable tolling, often referred to as HOT Lanes or congestion pricing, imposes higher tolls at busier times of day. 


 Strongly oppose    Strongly support 
Reallocate state funding to transportation
Reform and streamline VDOT
Pursue public-private partnerships
Raise the gas tax
Introduce variable tolling
Increase general tolling

Which proposals for improving the quality of education in Virginia do you support?
Some state aid to public education is "earmarked" for specific programs; converting it to block grants would allow the money to be spent at localities' discretion.



 Strongly oppose    Strongly support 
Tax credit-based school choice scholarships for low income families
Tax credit-based school choice scholarships for all families
An expanded charter school program
Merit pay for public school teachers
Requiring that 65% of education dollars reach the classroom
Converting more state aid to block grants to school divisions
Increase state funding

Should pensions for new state employees be modeled after private sector 401(K)s?
The Virginia Retirement System pension plan for state employees is underfunded and faces rapidly rising liabilities. It currently uses defined benefit packages similar to pensions used by the private sector decades ago. A defined contribution, 401(K)-style plan would also allow employees to take the account with them to a new job even if they leave their jobs with the Commonwealth before they would otherwise vest in the Virginia Retirement System.



Should Virginia close the "triggerman loophole"?
In Virginia, a murderer will escape the death penalty if he or she did not actually pull the trigger or otherwise wield the weapon that caused the death – even if the defendant shared the willful, deliberate, and premeditated intent to commit capital murder (like mass murder, murder of a child or a police officer or murder in the commission of a rape).



Should Virginia lower or eliminate its corporate income tax rate to attract new industries and encourage economic and job growth?


Maintain current rates

Should Virginia adopt a Voter ID law?
Virginians showing up at the polls without ID may vote after signing a form attesting that they are who they say they are. A Voter ID law would require voters be show some form of identification at the polls, such as a driver’s license, current utility bill, or other proof of identity, if they wish to vote by regular (rather than provisional) ballot.



Should Virginia law prevent state government from requiring that contractors employ union workers?
Despite Virginia’s right to work laws, some government funded projects now involve “Project Labor Agreements,” which specify various terms for the project – which often include a requirement that employees be unionized or that the contractors pay a union “prevailing wage.”



Should Virginia adopt an Eminent Domain constitutional amendment prohibiting the condemnation of property if its primary purpose is to increase employment or tax revenue or to confer a private benefit?
Since the Kelo decision, more and more states and localities have used eminent domain powers for economic development purposes or to otherwise transfer property from one private owner to another. Should Virginia’s constitution be amended to restrict eminent domain takings to true public uses?



Should Virginia adopt a “castle doctrine” law protecting the right of individuals to defend themselves and others against violent intruders in their own homes?



Should Virginia's right to work laws be enshrined in the state constitution?



I have announced that I am likely to run for Attorney General of Virginia. Should I do so, I can't do it alone. If I run, may I count on your support?


Yes, and please feel free to publicly list me as a supporter
Yes, but please do not use my name publicly
I'm currently undecided

Any comments for me?



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