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Do you own a TekVest?
If not, have you ever tried one on?

How did you hear of TekVest?



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 Let's talk about you!  What best describes the type of riding you participate in.  Check all that apply.


Trail Rider
Mountain Rider

What kind of machine do you ride? List em' all and impress us!



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How would you decribe your riding style?



I do way too much solo riding...
I'm slightly faster than molasses on a cold day in January...
I keep up with my trail ride group and rarely hold them back.
If I'm not leading the group I'm comfortably up the ride leaders tailpipe!
I eat trail riders for lunch. Racing is my thing...
I'm freakin fast. Real fast. Racers fear me AND know my name.
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 How many kilometers (or miles, for our USA friends!) do you put on your various machines over a year?



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What media do you read? Check all that apply.


American Snowmobiler
Snow West (CDN)
Snow West (USA)
Snow Goer (USA)
Snow Goer (CDN)
Supertrax (USA)
Supertrax (CDN)
Motoneige Quebec
Snow Tech
Dirt Rider Magazine
Dirt Bike Magazine

How did you find out about our TekVest Giveaway Contest?



TekVest Webpage
Our Newsletter
A Friend

Ok, here's your big moment.  Tell us why YOU deserve to be wearing a new TekVest?

  (Wanna increase your chances of winning? "I can't afford one" or "I'm really a great guy/gal" usually doesn't cut it.)



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