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Lack of local needs housing has been a long running problem for Lynton & Lynmouth. From the perspective of your business, how big a problem is it now? (tick one)

a big problem
a small problem
not a problem
no opinion / don't know
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What sorts of local needs housing are needed? (tick any)

Starter homes
Family homes
Homes for older people
Self build

How should we make sure that new housing meets local needs? (tick one)

Only households with a local connection can live in the new houses. Rents/prices will be reduced to be affordable for those on those on low incomes.
Only households with a local connection can live in the new houses. Rents/prices will NOT be reduced to be affordable for those on low incomes.
A mixture of both



What type of new business space is needed in Lynton, Lynmouth and Barbrook? (tick any)

Start-up units / workshops
Storage facilities
Small business-hubs (offices and meeting rooms to share between small businesses)

Where should new development be provided? (tick any)
Please name any specific sites which you think would be suitable for new development in and around Lynton, Lynmouth and Barbrook (you can also use the interactive mapping on to identify sites).

Using redundant buildings and sites within Lynton, Lynmouth and Barbrook
On greenfield sites within and adjacent to Lynton, Lynmouth and Barbrook
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Needing somewhere to live is not just an issue for families. It can also matter for businesses in rural communities as lack of suitable housing can have consequences for people running them and working in them. Businesses may also not be able to find the sorts of business space they need locally.

If you have a story to tell about how the lack of availability of suitable housing or business space in Lynton & Lynmouth has affected your business please let us know. We might then use your story in the project.


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