January, 2012

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is developing a Pittsburgh Park smartphone app that will help everyone from experienced park users to out of town guests get the most out of our City's great park system. Please help us by answering the following questions.

PLEASE NOTE: We welcome comments from anyone interested in helping us develop this app.  However, if you do not live or work in Pittsburgh, please skip Question 5.


Do you own a smartphone, such as an iPhone or similar portable touch-screen device, such as a Razr?


If yes, please continue to question 2.  If no, please skip to question 5.


Which operating system does your phone use?


On a typical day, what do you use your smartphone to do?  Check all that apply.

Browse the Internet
Check email
Get directions/navigate
Take pictures or video
Listen to music
Check sports scores
Play games
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If you could do anything with your smartphone while visiting a Pittsburgh park, what would it be? Check all that apply and please add your own thoughts.

Get directions to a specific park.
Find out which buses go to the parks.
Find places to park my car near the parks.
Learn about park trails--how to find them, where they go, how long they are.
Find mountain biking trails.
Find a drinking fountain.
Find a dog park.
Find an open restroom.
Learn park history.
Learn about park ecology--plants and wildlife.
Get information on pools, tennis courts, soccer fields and basketball courts.
Get event information.
Report a problem.
Find great views and photo opportunities.
Get information on repairs and construction projects.
Find a playground.
Locate a picnic shelter or get rental information.
Play a game, such as geocaching.
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How often do you visit a Pittsburgh city park?

Every day
A few times a week
A few times a month
A few times a year