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AgTC Quarterly Survey and Forecast of Ocean Freight Environment

AgTC Quarterly Survey and Forecast of Ocean Freight Environment –
Now and the Next 3 Months

 AgTC members want to be assured you have an accurate picture of current and future ocean shipping rates, equipment/container availability and vessel space, for the export trades. Taking advantage of our broad membership, with our many geographic origins and destinations, many different cargoes, requiring both reefer and dry containers, we can collect this information, confidentially, assemble it and then share the results with you.

We ask every AgTC member to take 60 seconds to complete this survey. Feel free to share it within your company. The more who complete it, the more accurate and useful it will be.






Please rate only your largest trade.  Which trade is that?

North America to Asia
North America to South America
North America to Europe
North America to Australia/New Zealand/Oceania
North America to Subcontinent
North America to Central America/Caribbean
North America to Africa

Please rate only your primary equipment type.  Which type is that?


About how many of your primary type of containers do you ship per month?



Less than 10
10 to 50
50 to 200
More than 200

How would you rate vessel space availability this month?

Loose: I'm able to get all the space I need, even on short notice
Moderate: I'm able to get the space I need with my primary carriers as long as I book a few weeks ahead
Difficult: I'm having ato ship with more backup carriers because I can't get enough space with my primary carriers, even with advance booking
Tight: I have to book way in advance and/or add more backkup carriers and I still can't get enough space

How would you rate equipment availability this month?

Loose: I have no problems getting all the equipment I need
Moderate: I'm usually able to pull all the boxes I need when needed
Tight: I'm not able to get as many boxes as I need no matter how flexible I am

How do you expect the capcity and equipment situation to develop in the next three months?

About the same

 Where do you think freight rates (including bunker and all surcharges) are headed in the next three months?



Up a lot
Up a little
Down a little
Down a lot

Comments: Any trends, problems challenges you are encountering?




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