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Please complete the following information for inclusion in the Alumni Directory on the new website. We encourage submissions from all Alumni, even if you are not currently (or yet) practicing. Send us your current info; You will have the opportunity to update your listing in the future.



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Please complete the following sections with brief descriptions about your areas of specialty, biography, and your current practice. Althought the fields will accommodate entries of up to 350 words, please try to limit each of your descriptions to 200 words or fewer. Submissions may be edited for consistency.



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If you have a photo of yourself that you would like us to post on the website alongside your practitioner info, please send your photo in an attachment (jpg or png, please) to Erin A Olinick at Write "Alumni Directory Photo" in the subject field. For those of you who do not have a pic, but would like one, we will be taking photos on Alumni Appreciation Day (March 24). Thanks!