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In addition to my existing water conservation pratices or actions in the past, I pledge to...


Run the dishwasher only when full. [Daily savings: 2 gallons]
Turn off water in between rinsing dishes. [Daily savings: 5 gallons]
Turn off water while brushing teeth. [Daily savings: 8 gallons]
Shorten showers by 2 minutes. [Daily savings: 5 gallons]
Fill the bathtub half full for bathing. [Daily savings: 18 gallons]
Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket. [Daily savings: 2 gallons]
Wash only full loads of laundry and cut back by one load per week. [Daily savings: 5 gallons]
Fix a leaky faucet. [Daily savings: 15 gallons]
Fix a leaky toilet. [Daily savings: 30 gallons]
Install 3 faucet aerators with flow restrictors on kitchen and/or bathroom faucets. [Daily savings: 14 gallons]
Purchase a new, more efficient clothes washer. [Daily savings: 10 gallons]
Replace old, non-efficient toilet with new low-flush toilet. [Daily savings: 8 gallons]
Replace old, non-efficient showerhead with low flow showerhead. [Daily savings: 20 gallons]


In addition to my existing water conservation practices of actions in the past, I pledge to...


Make a compost pile instead of using the garbage disposal. [Daily savings: 4 gallons]
Use a 55-gallon rain barrel to capture rainwater for watering landscape or garden. [Daily savings: 5 gallons]
Use a broom instead of a hose to clean driveways and sidewalks. [Daily savings: 22 gallons]
Avoid watering landscape during the peak hours of 5:30 - 7:30 AM and mid-afternoon. [Daily savings: 45 gallons]
Reduce irrigation runtimes by 2 minutes. [Daily savings: 80 gallons]
Install and automatic shut off device for the hose sprinkler. [Daily savings: 25 gallons]
Adjust sprinklers to reduce overspray onto sidewalks, driveways, etc. [Daily savings: 20 gallons]
Repair at least one pipe leak or broken sprinkler head. [Daily savings: 20 gallons]
Add mulch (2"-3") around trees and plants (1,000 sq. ft.) [Daily savings: 25 gallons]
Install water-efficient drip irrigation system. [Daily savings: 20 gallons]
Install a "smart irrigation controller" that adjusts for temperature and precipitation. [Daily savings: 40 gallons]
Use automatic car wash that recycles water instead of hand washing cars. [Daily savings: 18 gallons]
Replace 1,000 sq. ft. of high water-use landscape with low water-use landscape. [Daily savings: 40 gallons]
Repair at least one leak around pool or spa pump. [Daily savings: 20 gallons]
Repair any leaking hose bibs. [Daily savings: 20 gallons]
Install a pool cover to reduce evaporation. [Daily savings: 30 gallons]
Install spa cover to reduce evaporation. [Daily savings: 5 gallons]

Please note: Actual water savings from these actions depends on a number of factors, including a household’s water pressure, number of residents, age/efficiency of plumbing devices, size of landscapes and irrigation systems, personal behaviors, etc. These daily estimates for an average household are provided solely as an educational guideline to help the public understand and appreciate the potential impact of these actions for saving water in their region.



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