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Annual Accounts Payable Survey - 2012
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This is an important 7 minute survey to uncover the trends and challenges in accounts payable practice. By taking part you are helping to shape opinion and add value to your industry. Used by government bodies and other organisations to benchmark and to plan for the future of AP departments, your input matters and is greatly appreciated. Your responses will remain anonymous.

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Required 1.

What are the main challenges facing AP in 2012?

Keeping up with compliance and regulation issues
Staff reduction
Staff retention
Implementing new technology
Cost reduction
Choosing the right technology
Centralising systems
Required 2.

Which are your main current operational difficulties?

Making payments on time
Keeping track of invoices, maintaining visibility
Maintaining the master supplier file
Duplicate payments
Capturing early settlement discounts
Storing & retrieving paper documents
Managing a decentralised system
Need for better cash management
VAT analysis
Required 3.

Which of the following does your orgainsation use? (tick all that apply)

Document imaging
P-Card programme
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Imaging & workflow technology
Dynamic discount solution
Mobile apps for AP
Scan and capture
Required 4.

Are these functions run in house?
if the"other" text box is too small, please also use the larger box.

Yes, all in house
No, all outsourced
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Required 5.

Which of the following does your organisation monitor/capture?
* KPI = Key Performance Indicators

Online T&E monitoring
Weekly KPIs* (5 or more)
Weekly KPIs (fewer than 5)
Monthly KPIs (5 or more)
Monthly KPIs (fewer than 5)
Early Settlement Capture
Dynamic Discounting
Supplier Spend Analysis
Duplicate Payment Detection

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