Relevance Starts Here. The AIAS wants to empower your voice as an architecture student to change the shape of architectural education in the United States. You have told us that the cost of education is a challenge; not just tuition, but living expenses, materials, books, and technology. Also, you have told us that you are concerned about finding a job after you graduate, and about your desire to see student loan deferment or forgiveness. You have asked us to work on these issues and we are! In order for us to move forward in a meaningful way we need to analyze the total cost of architecture school. We need quantitative data to make strong argument on your behalf. To do this we need you and your fellow architecture students to fill out the following survey. Your response to this short survey will give the AIAS data to make a strong case for student loan forgiveness in front of Congress. We will also use this data to advocate for students at the 2013 Accreditation Review Conference (ARC). Please take 10 minutes to answer the following questions and help us amplify the collective voice of architecture students!