E-Books At Carrollton Public Library
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Carrollton Public Library is studying the cost-benefits of offering e-books and e-magazines as a possible new service to its users. Such a service would require a significant financial investment that could be funded from the general book budget or from new user-fees.  Please assist us in the decision-making process by answering the following questions:

Required 1.

Do you currently read e-books?                           


What kind of e-books do you read (mark all that apply)?

Adult Fiction (mysteries, romance, suspense, classics, etc.)
Adult Non-Fiction (history, travel, health, hobbies, religion, etc.)
Teen Fiction
Teen Non-Fiction
Children's Picture Books
Children's Chapter Books
Children's Non-Fiction
Required 3.

Do you read e-magazines?   

Required 4.

If the library charged a fee to access its e-book collection, how much would you be willing to pay?

I don't want to pay a fee
Required 5.

Do you have a Carrollton library card?