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Which category best describes your organization?

Insurance Organization (company, agent, broker)
Mortgage Company
Auto Finance
Securities Organization (investment advisor, broker)
Consumer Lender
General Business
Professional Services (law, accounting or consulting firm, etc.)
Government Agency

Who in your organization made the decision to purchase and utilize SPeRS?

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In your organization, on what type of project(s) do you currently utilize or plan to utilize SPeRS? (Check all that apply)

New Product Development
New Product Design Review
New Product Implementation
Existing Product Upgrade Development
Existing Product Design Review
Existing Product Update Implementation
Internal/External Audit

Are you using SPeRS to change the way you do business?

Yes. Please provide how below.
No. Please provide why not below.
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Please rank the importance of potential SPeRS enhancements to you. (1=least important, 5=most important)

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Federated Identity
Electronic Mortgage Note Recordation
Mobile Commerce
Multi-Party Signatures/ Joint Applications
Biometric Signatures (e.g., voice signatures, thumbprint technology)
Other. Please specify below.
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SPeRS is in the process of developing a SPeRS self-assessment product and an independent third party auditable standard. Are you interested in learning more about these two resources?

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Would your organization be interested in displaying the SPeRS logo on your website as evidence that you utilize SPeRS?

Yes. Please provide your name(s) and your organization's name below.
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We would like to thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. If you have any further suggestions that could improve SPeRS and/or your company's ability to utilize SPeRS, please email us at jcomizio@buckleysandler.com. We always welcome new members. If you would like to participate in SPeRS, please email Margo Tank at mtank@buckleysandler.com.