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St. Elizabeth Parish 2012 Treasure Commitment Card
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Instructions for completing your online Treasure Commitment Card:

Depending on your preference, gifts of treasure may be pledged on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.  You will have the opportunity to indicate your preferences in questions #2 & #3.

For example:
- If you plan to give $25.00 per week.  Your answer to question #2 would be "weekly" and your answer to question #3 would be "$25.00"
- If you plan to give $200.00 per month.  Your answer to question #2 would be "monthly" and your answer to question #3 would be "$200.00".


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Please provide the information below:








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In the following question you will be asked to enter a dollar amount for your gift of treasure.  
Do you plan to give that amount be on a weekly basis, monthly basis or annual basis?  
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In the space below, please indicate your gift of treasure (financial pledge) for the Fiscal Year July 2012 - June 2013.




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Please check all that apply: Note: if you are interested in giving electronically, please download, complete and return the "Automatic Payment from Checking/Savings Option" (available on our website:  This form was mailed to all parish households and is also available in church and at the parish office. 

I/we have child(ren) enrolled in St. Elizabeth School for the 2012-2013 academic year
I/we are interested in giving electronically (please contact the parish office to set up electronic payments)
none of the above

Thank you for faithfully contributing your gift of treasure to help further the mission of St. Elizabeth Catholic Church.

A confirmation letter will be mailed directly to your house within the next two weeks.  

If you have any questions, please contact:

Carrie Madden
Director - Stewardship and Development