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The "NOW" column indicates the ministries in which you are currently involved. By checking that column, you are stating your continued commitment to that ministry. 

The "NEW" column indicates new areas in which you would like to become involved and/or ministries about which you would like more specific information.
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Pastoral Committees

Parish Council ~ the role of the Parish Council is, through ongoing planning, to maintain the integrity of the parish mission and the goals and objectives related to it. (e.g. bringing the "Celebration 2017” Parish Strategic Plan to fruition). The Parish Council serves in an advisory capacity to the Pastor, and will utilize the many and varied gifts of the laity in service to the Church in order to carry out the mission of Christ. Parishioners from various areas of ministry in the parish are appointed by the Pastor.

Stewardship and Development Committee ~ through various activities and initiatives, the Stewardship Committe’s goal is to  cultivate a true spirit of stewardship and increase the culture of generosity within the entire parish community.

Communication Committee ~ members of this committee assist with a variety of tasks and projects involving the parish’s internal and external communication channels including editing, writing, graphic design, public relations, media relations, social media, website, etc. 

Finance Committee ~ serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and business administrator.  The committeereviews budgets and monthly income and expensereports in order to make financial recommendations.




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Parish Council   
Stewardship and Development Committee   
Communication Committee   
Finance Committee   

Sacramental Preparation

Confirmation ~ the goal of the Confirmation program at St. Elizabeth is to lead our candidates to an experiential awareness of the Holy Spirit, through teachings, witness, and spiritual exercise. Volunteers are needed to assist the Confirmation Coordinator with various aspects of our Confirmation program for high school students.

Marriage Preparation ~ lead couples work with engaged couples to assist in the marriage preparation process.  Training is required.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) ~  provides a program of instruction, prayer, and ritual celebrations for persons interested in the Catholic Church. During a year-long process, the RCIA allows time for study and personal conversion. This program is open to all persons interested in the Catholic Church. Catholics renewing their faith are also welcome. Classes meet weekly, September through June. Parishioner-sponsors for candidates are needed each year.



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Marriage Preparation   

Ministries that Spread the Good News of the Word

Breaking Open the Word (BOW) -  ~ is a celebration of the Liturgy for children in grades K-2 during the 10:00 Mass, Sept. through May. Volunteers BOW leaders are trained, given materials and support, and conduct one session every 4-6 weeks.

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) ~ retreat weekends for men and women that are designed to deepen spiritual faith and fervor on an individual and group/community basis.

Men's Prayer Group ~ Men of all ages meet Tuesday at 6:00 a.m. to honor God in prayer, scripture reading, and discussion.

Small Lenten Faith Groups ~ 
are groups of 10 to 12 parishioners from any age group who come together to talk, share faith and support one another, focusing on scriptures and daily life experiences, meeting during Lent and periodically throughout the year.



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Breaking Open the Word (BOW)   
Christ Renews His Parish   
Men's Prayer Group   
Small Lenten Faith Groups   

Ministries of Worship (1 of 2)

Altar Servers ~ boys and girls are trained at the end of their 5th grade year for assisting our Priests during Mass. Servers must be willing to serve 7:00 a.m. weekday Masses when scheduled.

Altar Care/Church Cleaning ~  anyone who would like to help care for the Sanctuary and Sacristy is welcome to participate in this ministry. Volunteers work in monthly teams with three people to a team, and each team works every third month. 

Cantors ~ these vocalists assist the assembly in our hymn and acclamation singing. Each cantor brings a different level of vocal ability, but understands the function of cantor and is trained to help lead the community in sung prayer. Monthly training sessions are required.

Choir ~ this group of vocalists sings primarily at 10:00 a.m. Sunday Liturgy, but may rotate occasionally to other Liturgies. The choir generally rehearses once a week.

Instrumental/Ensembles ~ these musicians serve the parish with their talents as instrumentalists. We are very open to integrating different instruments into our Liturgies, and we have a variety of musical styles, from traditional to contemporary.




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Altar Servers   
Altar Care/Church Cleaning   

Ministries of Worship (2 of 2)

Church Art and Environment ~ parishioners provide attractive décor for all seasons of the Church year, 
including care of live plants.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion ~ these ministers distribute the Body of Christ and the Precious Blood at Liturgy, to the homebound and to nursing-home residents, after they have received Diocesan training.

Gift Bearers ~ families and groups of parishioners bring forward the gifts of bread and wine during our Eucharistic Celebrations.

Greeters ~ these volunteers help create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging by welcoming each member to worship with a sense of reverence and friendliness.


Lectors ~ parishioners proclaim the Word of God at Liturgies. The Diocese provides training several times during the year.

Parish Liturgy Team ~ provides for the physical and spiritual components necessary to conduct fruitful and edifying liturgies; to educate parishioners in aspects of worship; and to promote participation in liturgy and related activities.

Ushers ~ men or women (age 14 years and up) work in teams to ready the church for Liturgy and gather the collection. Cordiality and service are major qualifications for this ministry.



 Now New More Info   
Church Art/Environment   
Extraordinary Ministers   
Gift Bearers   
Parish Liturgy Team   

Ministries that Build Community (1 of 2)

Card Larks ~ Party bridge one Saturday, September through April. Scores accumulate, and there is a final dinner at the end of the year.


Coffee & Doughnuts ~ Set up and greet parishioners and offer opportunities for parishioners to meet after selected Masses.

Dinner for Eight ~ 4, 6, or 8 adults, couples and singles, dine (potluck) at a host’s home on the second Saturday of the month Sept-May. Groups changed monthly so members can meet many different people.

Friendship Club ~ Individuals gather weekly for friendship, spiritual growth and fun. The Friendship Club also coordinates a Prayer Chain.

Garden Club ~ All are welcome to help with long-term development of garden, tending to the needs of plants, trees and shrubs, helping with general upkeep or participating in the enjoyment of its beauty




 Now New More Info   
Coffee & Doughnuts   
Dinner for Eight   
Friendship Club   
Garden Club   

Ministries that Build Community (2 of 2)

Parish Welcoming Committee ~ Help ensure that each new parishioner is warmly welcomed into our community.  Activities vary from serving as a “mentor parishioner” to delivering a welcome basket and meals to new parishioners.

Smokin’ in Waldo BBQ Contest ~ held in September.  Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks from planning, to working a shift at the event.

Trivia Night Committee ~ Plans annual trivia contest for parishioners, usually held in February.

Young Active Parishioners (YAPS) ~ Parishioners in their twenties and thirties who come together for social, service and parish-related activities, including the Parish BBQ Contest.

Youth Groups ~ Service, travel, prayer group and social opportunities for junior high and high school students.



 Now New More Info   
Parish Welcoming Committee   
Smokin' in Waldo BBQ Contest   
Trivia Night Committee   
Young Active Parishioners   
Youth Group   

Ministries of Outreach (1 of 2)

Blood Donor Club ~ coordinates two on-campus blood drives per year to increase the supply at area hospitals.

Helping Hands ~ offers support to parishioners during times of need due to a new baby, illness, death in the family or other challenging circumstances.  Volunteers are needed to prepare and deliver meals on an as-needed basis.

Hospitality in time of Need (Funeral Serving Teams) ~ provides funeral meals, and requires volunteers who are food preparers, and food servers.  This committee reflects the entire parish and works best with a wide variety of people involved.
Reception Committee ~ volunteers set up and clean up Seton Hall for major events (such as receptions after Sacraments) and serve food and provide hospitality to all who attend the events.

Yes I Can ~  is a great opportunity to assist our ministries with a one-time commitment, requiring no more than $10.00 or two hours of a person's time.  Each month, we will have descriptions of various volunteer opportunities that are available for you to support.


 Now New More Info   
Blood Donor Club   
Helping Hands   
Hospitality in Time of Need (Funeral Serving Team)   
Reception Committee   
Yes I Can   

Ministries of Outreach (2 of 2)

Childcare during 10 am Mass ~ Parents of young children (ages 1-entering Kindergarten) take turns providing childcare during 10 am Mass. 

Knights of Columbus ~ a fraternal, Catholic organization that performs works of service, The commitment level can vary from as little as a few hours a year serving as an officer. Knights given back to the parish and community with such events and activities as Lenten Fish Frys, BXXII Basketball BBQ, Rose for Life (for right-for-life legislation), Tootsie Roll Handout for Special Olympics, as well as offer support to various ministries within the St. Elizabeth community.

POPES ~ People Offering Prayer for Everyone in School leads a Rosary every Wednesday from 8:10 to 8:30 AM before the children’s Mass—praying for the intentions of the school children, teachers and staff.

Right to Life: committee members are involved in the general education of parishioners about the sanctity of life from conception through death.

St. Vincent de Paul & St. Elizabeth Food Pantry: A ministry of lay volunteers who freely serve the poor by assisting in food drives, distributing food to those in need, providing services for shut-ins, assistance with utility bills, repairing homes and doing yard work, working at a local food kitchen, and organizing Christmas gifts for the poor through the Christmas Stars adoption program.

Vocation Awareness Committee ~  spreads awareness for the need for religious vocations and to support and encourage vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Parishioners can also volunteer to bring the Traveling Vocations Crucifix into their homes for one week.







 Now New More Info   
Childcare during 10 am Mass   
Knights of Columbus   
Right to Life   
St. Vincent de Paul/ St. Elizabeth Food Pantry   
Vocation Awareness Committee   

School Ministries (1 of 2)

Athletics ~ Opportunities to support athletic program at St. Elizabeth include coaching, working the clock, gate or concession stand, and helping with the two committee fundraisers (the golf tournament and Moms & Pops).  Athletic Committee members are approved by the School Board to oversee athletic activity opportunities for St.Elizabeth school students & young parishioners.

F.I.R.E. (Foundation for Inclusive Relgious Education) ~  our mission is to provide children with special needs the opportunity for an inclusive Catholic education in their home parish schools. Volunteers assist with a variety of tasks and projects to help build awareness of and support for F.I.R.E.  










 Now New More Info   

School Ministries (2 of 2)

Community/Parent/Teacher Association (CPTA) ~ supports activities, events, function and fundraisers that benefit all students at our school.  Volunteer sign up occurs primarily between late spring and early fall.


School Board ~ This elected board provides consultative and advisory services regarding school policies and provides support to the principal and Pastor in matters of recruitment, admissions, policy recommendations, public relations, school finance and long-range planning and development for St. Elizabeth School.

Scouts ~  provides opportunities for young men and women to grow in the development of their self-confidence and potential, relationships with others, values, and social contributions. Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Girl Scout troops are available. Adult volunteers are needed as leaders and parent committee members, and to assist during meetings and activities. 










 Now New More Info   
School Board   

Individual Talents

Do you have talents that would benefit the Parish Community? Please use the list below to confirm your commitment (Now), or offer to share your gifts  (New). Or, use the comment section to list other special talents you are willing to share.







 Now New More Info   
Archiving/ Scrapbooking/ Crafts   
Cooking/ Baking   
Maintenance/ Landscaping   
Photography/ Videography   
Data Entry/ Office Support   
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New Ministry Suggestions

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Opportunities for leadership
A few of our 

parish ministries are looking for new leaders. 

These ministries are listed below. If you are 

interested or need more information, please click the box next to the appropriate ministry below.




Coffee & Doughnuts
Garden Club
"Yes I Can"

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