The 2012 Boston Jewish Music Festival Survey
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Have you attended a Boston Jewish Music Festival event before the 2012 Festival?


Yes, one year
Yes, both years
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Please tell us which Festival events you attended?


Andy Statman + David Grisman
Basya Schechter's Songs of Wonder
A Cappella Concert at Gann
Mama Doni Purim Bash in Newton
Mama Doni Purim Bash in Westborough
Yiddish Art Songs of Lazar Weiner
Israeli Jazz with Nadav Remez
Sephardic journey with Aljashu
Roselie Gerut and Hankus Netskey
Jewish Composers of 20th Century with Don Berman
Hadag Nahash
Taste of Shalshelet
Purim with Ellen Allard
Klezmer Idol

Did you attend a BJMF Kabbalat Shabbat? If so, which one(s)?




Tot Shabbat with Mama Doni in Natick
Serge Etele at Temple Aliyah in Needham
Rossi Baroque Kabbalat Shabbat in Stoughton
Kabbalat Shabbat with Basya Schechter in Sudbury
Shabat in Song and Dance with Rosalie Gerut in Concord
Serge Etele in Swampscott
Jazz Shabbat in Newton
Contemporary Composers' Shabbat in Newton

Please rate your enjoyment of each event you attended (March 1-4).


 Not Enjoyable    Highly Enjoyable 
Andy Statman + David Grisman
Basya Schechter's Songs of Wonder
A Cappella Concert at Gann
Mama Doni Purim Bash in Newton
Mama Doni Purim Bash in Westborough
Yiddish Art Songs of Lazar Weiner
Israeli Jazz with Nadav Remez
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Please rate your enjoyment of each event you attended March 5-11.


 Now Enjoyable    Highly Enjoyable 
Sephardic Journey with Aljashu & Friends
Rosalie Gerut and Hankus Netsky
Jewish Composers of 20th Century with Don Berman
Hadag Nahash
A tsate of Shalshelet in Wellesley
Purim Concert and Carnival with Ellen Allard
Klezmer Idol
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If you attended any of the Kabbalat Shabbat programs, please check all that apply.

I attended the Kabbalat Shabbat at the synagogue I usually attend.
I attended the Kabbalat Sabbat at a different synagogue than the one I usually attend.
I don't usually attend Kabbalat Shabbat Services.
I am not a member of a synagogue, havurah, or prayer group.
I would be interested in other programs on different Kabbalat Shabbat traditions.
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Please rate your overall Festival satisfaction with the following items.

 Not Satisfied at All Less than Satisfied Satisfied Quite Satisfied Most Satisfied 
Comfort of Facility
Convenience of Facility Location
Quality of Performance
Quality of Sound
Ticket Costs
Ticket Purchasing Systems
Atmosphere of Event
Festival Program Book
Ease of Finding Information on BJMF Website
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How did you learn about the Boston Jewish Music Festival? Check all that apply.

BJMF Mailed Brochure
Newspaper Article
Temple newsletter
Other Jewish Organization Email/Newsletter
BJMF email
Calendar Listings
Google/Web Search
Performer's Web Page
Facebook/Linked In
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If you read about BJMF in a newsletter/email, can you please tell us which organization it came from.




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Please tell us a little bit about yourself to help our audience development efforts.

Under age 30
70 +

Please tell us if you are



Maried with children living at home (please add children's ages in comments)
Married with no children living at home
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Please check all that apply.

I am Jewish.
The people I went to Festival events with are Jewish.
I went to events with non-Jewish friends/family.
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Are you involved in any Jewish community groups?

Not involved in any Jewish groups
Jewish Day School
Boston Jewish Film Festival
The New Center for Arts and Culture
Hebrew College
Israeli-focussed Organization (JNF, IDF, Hadassah, etc)
Jewish Social Organization (JDate, GesherCity, etc)
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To help us plan future Festival events, please let us know which of the following events may interest you.

 Not interested Interested Very Interested   
Classical and/or Choral Music   
Israeli Popular Music   
Jewish Music from Around the World   
Inter-ethnic Musical Connections   
Jewish Rap/Reggae   
Contemporary Singer/Songwriters   
Hazzanot (Cantorial Music)   
Jewish Influences in Popular Music   
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Please let us know any specific musicians/programs you would like to see in the future.


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Please rate your interest in the following:


 Not Interested    Very Interested 
A BJMF Summer Event/Musical Harbor Cruise
A series of 2-4 informal, intimate Jewish music house concerts a year
A BJMF Concert series of 2-3 larger concert events throughout the year (as well as the March Festival)
Multi-event Festival ticket packages
Lectures/educational programs
Jewish folk dance instruction
A website where you could buy and download quality Jewish music in a variety of styles.
Buying BJMF tickets through ArtsBoston Ticket Booths in Copley Square and Faneuil Hall.
Having BJMF tickets sold at specific, limited dates and times at a location in Coolidge Corner.
A BJMF Musical Mission to Israel
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Did you donate to BJMF this year, beyond the costs of tickets/fees?

No, but I will
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Tell us how important each of the following items would be in deciding to donate to the BJMF in the future? (Please make sure to put a number next to ALL of these catergories in your order of preference, including Other--even if you don't put in a comment, otherwise the survey will not complete.)

(1 = Most Important To Me)
Quality of BJMF events
Belief in the BJMF mission
Supporting the arts
BJMF's ability to reach audiences other Jewish organizations may not
Supporting the Jewish Community
Bringing musicians from Israel and around the world to Boston
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We would love to know what people feel/think about BJMF. Would you care to share what the Boston Jewish Music Festival means to you (if anything)? Does having a Jewish music festival make a difference to you or to the community?



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If you would like to learn more about donating to or becoming a corporate sponsor of the Boston Jewish Music Festival, please let us know the best way to contact you.


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