The Grace Museum Survey

Please share your experience from your tour of The Grace Museum so we can best meet your needs in the future.



Was this the first time you brought a group to The Grace Museum?



Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following aspects of the event.



 Very dissatisfied Somewhat dissatisfied Neutral Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied 
Quality of exhibition
Admission cost
Gallery Teacher expertise
Scheduling process
Overall tour experience
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Which of the following best describes the duration of the event?
Much too long
Somewhat long
About right
Somewhat short
Much too short

How valuable did you find this event for the educational experience?


Very valuable
Somewhat valuable
Little value
Not at all valuable

Why did you choose to bring your group to The Grace Museum? Please select all that apply.


For the exposure to art
To play in the children's museum
Interested in the specific exhibition currently on display
Interested in the history gallery
To support the organization
For the cultural exposure for your students
For the valuable educational experience in taking a group to a museum
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How likely are you to do the following?


 Very unlikely Somewhat unlikely Neutral Somewhat likely Very likely 
Recommend The Grace Museum to a friend or colleague
Bring your class for a return visit next year
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What suggestions do you have for The Grace Museum to improve your overall experience?



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