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Vintner's Package- 3 Day Conference Package Including Thursday Symposium, Blending Workshop, Wine Stroll, And Gold Medal Gala
Master Package- 3 Day Conference Package Including Thursday Symposium, Wine Stroll, aAd Gold Medal Gala
Thursday Northern Grapes Symposium ONLY
Friday ONLY Conference & Midwest Wine Stroll
Saturday ONLY Conference & Gold Medal Gala
Saturday ONLY Conference With Blending Workshop, And Gold Medal Gala
Friday & Saturday Conference, Wine Stroll, And Gold Medal Gala
Friday Sessions ONLY
Saturday Sessions ONLY
Midwest Wine Stroll ONLY
Gold Medal Gala ONLY
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How many MGGA- Cold Climate Conferences have you attended?

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I would rate the THURSDAY Northern Grapes Symposium and "Bar Camp" as:

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As an MGGA member, how did you like having the Annual Meeting at the conference?


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I would rate the FRIDAY viticulture and enology sessions and their speakers as:

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Wine Chemistry Basics- Dr. Anna Katharine Mansfield
eViticulture and Other Online Resources- Dr. Eric Stafne
Management of Malolactic Fermentation- Nick Smith
Vineyard Soil Fertility Management- Dr. Paul Domoto
Intro to Barrels- Dan Brick
Intro to Sprayers and Spraying- Mike White
So You Want to Start a Winery?- Paul Quast (Moderator)
Understanding Soil-Site Relationships for Vineyard Establishment- Dr. Paul Skinner
Fining and Finishing- Katie Cook
Growers Round Table- Peter Hemstad (Moderator)
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I would rate the FRIDAY marketing sessions and their speakers as:

 Poor Satisfactory Good Outstanding N/A 
Customer Satisfaction and Performance in Wine Tasting Rooms in NY State- Dr. Miguel Gomez
How Public Policy Impacts You- Jean-Mari Peltier
How to Sell Wine Made from Cold Hardy Grapes- Phil Randazzo
Building a Strong Brand Image Using the Marketing Mix; Price, Place, and Promotion- Alexis Kenleigh
Challenges Facing Wineries in Growing Cool Climate Regions- Dr. Miguel Gomez
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I would rate the SATURDAY viticulture and enology sessions and their speakers as:

 Poor Satisfactory Good Outstanding N/A 
Tannin Extraction in Hybrids- Celine Coquard Lenerz
Ripening Chemistry of Northern Varieties- Luke Haggerty
Optimizing White Wine Aromas- Dr. Anna Katharine Mansfield
Vineyard Frost Prevention- Dr. Paul Domoto
Recap of 2011 ICCWC- Dr. Gary Gardner, Gordon Rouse
Intro to Vine Balance- Peter Hemstad
*Enology Blending Workshop- Katie Cook
Farming for Quality the Napa Way- Dr. Paul Skinner
Canopy Management: Balancing Costs and Results- Dr. Tim Martinson
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I would rate the SATURDAY marketing sessions and their speakers as:

 Poor Satisfactory Good Outstanding N/A 
How We Acquire a Liking for Wine- Dr. Zata Vickers
Selling Wine- Paul Wagner
Thinking outside the Bottle- Jackie Millae
Food and Wine Pairing with Cold Hardy Varieties- Terri Savaryn
Marketing Strategy Including Social Media- Andrew Eklund
Marketing Panel- Amy Abt (Moderator)
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 Disagree Satisfactory Agree N/A  
Ample variety of exhibitors  
Ample exhibit space  
Met your needs  
Ample time to visit and develop business relationships with the exhibitors  
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I would rate the following EVENTS as:

 Poor Satisfactory Good Outstanding N/A Did Not Attend 
Thursday Minnesota "Haute Dish" Welcome Reception in the trade show sponsored by the trade show exhibitors and Summit Brewing Company
Friday scavenger hunt in the trade show
Friday social hour and pre-event appetizers
Friday Midwest Wine Stroll- Sponsored by MN Grown, ARTon Glass, and the MGGA
Friday Club MGGA/ 22nd floor karaoke
Saturday hot breakfast sponsored by Kaufman Container
Saturday Gold Medal Gala sponsored by Baltimore Glass
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I would rate the Crowne Plaza, St Paul Riverfront for their:

 Poor Satisfactory Good Outstanding N/A 
Conference session room accomodations
Trade show hall
Quality of food
Hotel staff
Over-night accomodations
Hotel check-in process
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 Poor Satisfactory Good Outstanding  
This year's on-line registration system through Constant Contact was:  
The MGGA staff for general registration and pre-registration questions were:  
My Experience with conference check-in was:  
Conference registration options were:  
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 Strongly Disaree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree  
The conference was a good value for the money spent  
This year's conference met my expectations  
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Thank you for attending the 2012 Cold Climate Conference and providing us with your input for next year's planning. 

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Conference CDs may be purchased for $5 through Cheri Anderson.  Email  cheri.anderson@mngrapes.org for more info.