Referee, Judge and Officials Registration
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Are you able to be a volunteer on Saturday 21 April 2012?  If you are competing we will schedule your volunteer time around your competition times.




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Other family member
Family friend
Competitor friend
Factor10 member
Factor10 instructor
Visiting Club instructor
Visiting Club member
Visiting Club family parent or friend
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The tournament starts at 1pm and finishes at 6pm.  Please show the times you can be a volunteer.


For the whole tournament
1.00pm - 3.30pm
3.30pm - 6.00pm
I cannot help at all
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Required 6.

We really need you help and many people are needed across many jobs.  Please show the areas you would like to assist in.  We are often short on poomse judges and poomse callers.  You can indicate a number of jobs which really helps us.


Official - organising competitors, marking off player lists, registration etc
Computer Operator - starting and finishing Poomse matches, showing results etc
High Kick and Fly Side Kick Official
Poomse Judge
First Aid - providing first aid support. Please tell us yoru qualifications below
Court Manager - for senior Referees to mentor other Referees
Board and Tile Breaking Official
Receptionist - running the point of sale to sell drinks etc
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You may feel there are only some jobs you can do and that's fine.  Please tell us if there is a job you would like to be trained in for future tournaments.  For example, corner judging or refereeing.


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Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for the tournament volunteers this time?  You may have assisted before or just noticed how we could make things better.


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